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Donating Blood And Flying in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2012

The King tells it like it is. Long live The King

From The Man

Took a nice little weekend vacation on Lamma Island, namely to drop off clothes I got in the big Stinky to a donation box….. eeeeee I have my medal again. My (can’t mention here because someone with yellow fever might call the Albertan government and say I’m a bigot and then they take it away). It’s like the ring on “Lord of the Rings though” it has spell on me. I obtained it through typical Chinese scared youth ways (cheating), however. I fully intend to make it real again (by combinding and continuing the work I done for the Albertan people), ie joining the army, a evolve into someone deserving of such).See unlike typical Street shitters who have no conscience. I feel bad, that I got his award by cheating (I honestly didn’t expect it, I come home from work, and there’s a letter in mail from my MLA (I’m not sure the American counterpart position, it’s when each neighborhood elects a speaker on the state level in the state house). Then I think of people I stole this from, who honestly deserve it better than I do…. So I decided to restore the honor by doing double (and soon tripple time work (to make up for what the big Stinky stole from the free world, by whisking me away in farty cloud of methane goo).

I found out wonderful news on the Hong Kong front. The church I helped build with primitive tools (it’s an outer island, power tools are really hard to come by, you have to order off and have it shipped in with the daily boats), Anyways, I turned a trashy yard, into a rock garden (which they (church), mutated into a beautiful bee friendly eco garden). not sure how bees came to Lamma Island, nobody knows, but they have a healthy population which is good. The church has grown to like 20 people from 17, and expanding. When I feverished worked there (waiting for the HK Green Card). I imagined that I was bulilding a base against demonic Commie Tyranny. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I am….It’s funds are steadly growing this is good, because now it’s in solid shape.

and donated some books to the Island expat hippy, nick the book man. Dan Brown’s latest (Lost symbol a great read), and 5 people you meet in heaven (soul food for the hurting hong konger soul), see Hong Kong is slightly like China,same lust for the green except they go about it in relative law and order. (they’re good to deal with, one can do better and deal with the Japanese. Met a Japanese young man from Osaka stranded in Shanghai with me, surprised that he never seen a “Battle Halk down broken Somalia like society, (nothing works right).

Anyhow never donated blood I was deferred, because I was stressed out, I had o catch a plane back to the shit scented China, and the lady there was asking all sorts of assasine questions, almost as if she was a DAB voting Hitler jugen she is wanna be. of why I listed my Canadian address (with complete gmail,so they can still talk to me), instead of my soon to expire Shanghai one. She even pretended not to understand or know what a Canadian is. I repeated multiple times where I was from during her address question. Even in the beautiful Cantonese, different variants of Canada. It seems that no matter WHERE you go in China. nobody knows what Canada is, are we that small of a country. So often just say I’m Mei go ren to the curious monkeies when they hear me speak that strange sounding Midwestern dialect of english. they gather around me like the monkeys around the monolyth from Space 2ooo odessy movie. while making brave-cowardly calls. animals.

Like honestly do the chinese actually WANT people to give blood, or do they just sit around like morons, with “procedues”, that seem redundant for those not living in the 18th century. Just needle me, take goo, bandage the needle mark, feed me cookies and juice. Sheesh. No need for me to fill out Gestapo confessions just because I don’t live in Hong Kong anymore. Fuckkkkk I could have retired at 4 donations with a “dirty dozen”. and 3 Shanghainese under my belt for life giving. then when I patronize her with nerdy nasal (think of Urkle if he took Chinese in university). BINGO…. she finally understands that Canada or Janada, or GAY NAY DAY (Cantonese), is get this a country………

Now I’m debating wiether or not to stay behind for the full month of August for a chance again to get my dirty dozen, or just make a beeline for freedom, now that I have what truly matters to me, my medal, and olympic jackets- and vest), and my poster I ganked from one of the commons rooms at the olympic village…. lol. (what they were being saved for the volunteers who lived in the condos, me and buddy got the trailer lol). I think this is a test from God, if I value life enough, to withstand 30 or so more days of humiliation of living in feces contaminated Shangai water, eating poison (but non fatal poison, neverless still painful), living in hell (smokers). or now that there is now nothing keeping me in the big stinky, do I just leave…. or give blood (a chance, not a guarentee), one more time…. do I want those 3 people I could have saved staring angrily at me as I’m on a hospilce veteran’s bed, or when I’m dying in my own bloody stool as I was just shot by bad guys (perhaps the PLA), defending human dignity…. I think I’ll stay. But this time I need at least TWO days in Hong Kong, just in case I am deferred again (on the day I’m departing).

Almost done with preamble rant.

The night before I left for Shanghai, it was hit by some terrible thunderstorms…. so, planes were delayed and grounded. A indian mother with a girl, (who was crying sobbing, tired, fustrated because shes little and in terrible pains (the big Stinky is his souless to alter the sensibilities fields of young angelic children (remember this is a country where it’s perfectly to run over litle girls to make sure she’s dead! this is a hellhole where’s it’s perfectly able for gambling addicted fathers to stab innocen children of the well to do neighbors)…. Which young child won’t be crying if living in a surreal hell like real where demons like Freddy Kruger (a ghostly demon who multilates and molests young children in their sleep (dream). REALLY exists?!?!?! I felt heart broken for her too. Like most travellers transiting throught the Stinky Whore Shoe (Shanghai), that day they were stuck, when they’re soooo close to the fresh air and less chest constricing prison of the soul…. China.

We spent the entire day morning to close, being shuffled from gate to gate, deferred from flight to flight until we chimped out and protested pay compensation, China Eastern Airlines only offered us 200 RMB (2.80 USD). I talked to a polite human from Japan, who was taking his vacation in the Big Stinky…. this was first and last time, and that in Japan this doesn’t happen. I teared up, by eyes didn’t roll with give me a break. (usually when you yellow fevered apologists say something really stupid). I got some of the demonstration on video. 3 cops from 1 came up. And this time the typical Shanghai violent tart auntie, who bangs the table, and the brute, (typical loud mouthed Chinese men), actually came in handy. Managemen was scared enough to bring down a manager, with a small suitcase, 200 RMB. Fuck you China you made a young angel cry. So we got to Hong Kong, I spent the night at the airport sleeping catnaps. Fuck you China….. fuck you fuck you and your stinky heeled waitresses. (Eastern China is that stupid comercial where the R&B soul singer babe sings “Show me how to fly, show me the next level, come on girls…. show me how to fly”Fuck you China. fuck you.

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