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Ass Funk and Ignorance, Another Day in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 10, 2012

I take the subway to work and let me tell you that nothing can compare to the joy of enduring twenty minutes of confinement with some of China’s finest. The sour tang of ass funk is as palpable as the ignorance as the sweating mass of humanity hurtles along its Beijing journey. ‘

Aural overload’ can hardly define what it means to endure a Chinese subway ride. Hoards of Chinese, months removed from resting their heads on ‘kang beds’ nestled in cave homes, are overjoyed at the prospect of glancing at Mao’s pickled corpse . So happy are these villagers to be in Beijing, the resting place of the great Mao, that they cackle like geese after a gun shot.

I have often wondered what these people are discussing while they are on their pilgrimage to view the rotting corpse of the long dead Chairman.

Father to son, “We go see Mao.”
“In good old days we pray to him like a god”

And so they continue. The funny thing is that in each subway car of one hundred Chinese, there are very few whose parents or grandparents were not victims of the various Mao’ist purges and subsequent slaughter. It is beyond me to understand how these people rush off to pay homage to the man responsible for more deaths than any other human, but then again, I am not from China.

I cannot help but marvel at the genius of the communist propaganda machine that maintains ignorance on twenty percent of the people on the planet.

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