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Mangled Hands, Bullies and Selling Urine- China News From The King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2012


Gowron is The King and knows a thing or two about China. Here is the news and his take on it all.


Stand for the King please…


Little girl’s had chewed up by killer escalator.



Chinese princelings fag it up. I hate Mando-pop music. aye ne aye ne aye ne aye ne aye ne….. aye ne aye ne.

Booooo fucking hooooo! the bullies that sodomized a little Chinese boy with an air hose, has no more money after paying compensation for their immature prank……


AN ambulance is rushing all the way from Beijing to a small city in Shandong Province today to save a boy from death after his intestines were punctured by compressed air from a pump nozzle forcibly inserted into his anus by two bullies.

The ambulance will bring Du Chuanwang, 13, to a well-equipped Beijing hospital for emergency treatment after the boy developed skin necrosis and suffered multiple organ failures. He woke up three days ago after being in a coma for eight days.

Du, a child apprentice in an auto repair shop in Dezhou City, fell victim to the prank of two elder workers. His intestines were punctured in more than 20 places and he also sustained multiple organ injuries.

The boy underwent surgeries in a hospital in Dezhou but his condition is deteriorating. Doctors are afraid that he might suffer from septicemia due to skin necrosis and called for help to transfer him to Beijing Bayi Children Hospital.

Angel Mom Foundation, a subsidiary of the China Children Charity Aid Foundation, has raised 140,000 yuan (US$21,980) for the boy’s medical treatment in Beijing, it said on its official website.

Police have arrested the two workers, who said they had no more money after paying the family about 100,000 yuan.


China’s economy more terminal than fag bum-air hose boy (see above post). And he’s in very bad shape his bum hole is staring to rot, his organs failing, and he just came out of an 8 day coma.
Chinese boy pee to make anti blood clotting meds… If this is the case… I rather die of blood clots. lol.


PLASTIC buckets placed at toilets in some elementary schools in a east China city are being used by pharmaceutical companies to collect urine to make medicine, the national TV said.

It was previously reported in the Chinese media that residents in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Proivnce, were surprised to see the red plastic buckets at boys’ toilets at schools and shocked to see workers taking the buckets, full of urine, to trucks every afternoon.

They posed the question: “Why are people bothering to collect and transport boys’ urine?”

In response, some schools told China Central Television that a pharmaceutical company was collecting the urine to extract urokinase, a product that dissolves blood clots and which is widely used in the treatment of thrombotic diseases.

The schools said they weren’t being paid to provide the urine.

Behind the unusual story, a serious problem is emerging in that pharmaceutical companies are finding it more and more difficult to collect urine due to improved hygiene in China’s public toilets.

Pharmaceutical companies used to collect urine by placing buckets at public toilets, CCTV said. Large amounts were needed as only dozens of grams of the product could be abstracted from one ton of human urine.

But with the improvement in hygiene, the companies are no longer allowed to place buckets at toilets in major cities and they have to head to small villages or seek other ways of collecting urine.

A manager surnamed Yu with a company that was collecting pupils’ urine told CCTV that some schools rejected their requests by saying that the buckets would be too smelly.

To make matters worse, Chinese pharmaceutical companies producing urokinase are facing strong competition from foreign companies who see China as the ideal place to collect urine given its huge population, CCTV reported.

With less human urine to abstract urokinase, the product is often in short supply, putting the lives of patients with thrombotic diseases at risk, the program reported.

A lack of the raw material is adding costs to the production of the medicine and forcing some companies to quit the industry, said an engineer surnamed Lin with a Tianjin-based company.

A 172 percent rise in the cost of the raw material was seen from 2009 to 2011, and the price of the medicine had gone up 91 percent, Lin told the program.

Medical experts are calling on residents to support urine collection at public toilets to ensure supplies, the program said.
China’s swill oil made into jet fuel for the Dutch…. expect ALOT of accidents when the goo clogs the engines of gooeyness.

A SHANGHAI energy company will provide more than 10,000 tons of jet biofuel refined from waste cooking oil to a Dutch company with clients that include more than 20 major global airlines.

Shanghai Luming Environment Science Co Ltd has signed a letter of intent with Netherlands-based SkyNRG, a major jet biofuel supplier, to provide the refined swill oil, both companies told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

“The first 2,000 tons of biofuel will be sent to the Netherlands at the end of the month and it will be used to power commercial jets after further processing,” said Chen Tiantian, a press officer of Shanghai Luming.

The biofuel from Shanghai will be used by SkyNRG’s client airlines, including KLM, Air Canada and Qantas.

However, SkyNRG will first conduct a series of tests before the biofuel is used in aircraft, said the company’s managing director, Dirk Kronemeijer.

“We have a strong ambition on the Chinese market where only 2 percent of wasted cooking oil is recycled, compared with 70 percent in the Netherlands,” Kronemeijer told Shanghai Daily by telephone.

The waste cooking oil involves large amounts of animal fat that can be processed into bio kerosene after refining and chemical reactions. After further processing, its fuel value will qualify to power planes. Planes using the biofuel generate about 40 percent less emissions.

In Shanghai, waste oil collected from restaurants reaches more than 68 tons a day, said the city’s food safety watchdog.

This comes as Shanghai tightens up the government-monitored collection of kitchen leftovers to block swill oil from being illegally recovered and recycled and prevent it from being used in restaurants.

Now, the large amount of kitchen oil has new uses.

Kronemeijer said the company plans to build a plant in China in the future to collect and refine swill oil into jet biofuel.

The company has been looking for waste cooking oil suppliers from China since last year and tests on such oil have been satisfactory, he added.

More than 15 commercial airlines have made test flights powered by processed waste cooking oil from the Amsterdam-based company.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, one of the three founding partners of the company, completed its first commercial biofuel flight carrying 171 passengers from Amsterdam to Paris in June 2011. It operated with a half blend of biofuel to regular kerosene.

In the latest test, Air Canada last month operated its first flight with jet fuel derived from recycled cooking oil.

Chinese carriers have also made efforts to develop biofuel under pressure from the European Union’s carbon emission tax scheme.

A jumbo jet powered by fuel made from nut oil made a two-hour test flight last October in Beijing as part of a US-Chinese renewable energy partnership.

After the test, Zhang Hongying, a Civil Aviation Administration of China official, said biofuel is now ready for commercial flights in China.
18 savages rape 3 girls……


POLICE detained 18 suspects for raping three vocational school students in a rural town in northwestern Shaanxi Province.

The suspects raped the three girls after luring them out with phone calls or text messages between June 21 and 27, Zhashui County government said today.

None of the victims reported to the police due to fears, the officials said.

CNR gets fucked. Associated industries associated with the rail industry looks unappitizing for IPOs. For those of you readers who played Sid Myer’s Rail Tycoon, as CEO of a fledling railway, this really isn’t a fun industry actually, unlike highways paid by tax payers, (and thus a money squat toliet), RR’s were private transport. And it was extremely difficult to build LONG distance railroad networks, you had to slowly creep from city city, town to town, (after extensive research to decide of such a move was worth it). The CNR didn’t do this, they just willy nilly planted a bunch of tracks every which way in the 90’s-2011, hoping that the rail lines would be profitable. Yes, but only during Chinese new years lol.They also built grand central trainstations, in small TOWNS, like huge Imotep the Great, like buildings to the Commie Gods. All they did, was provide potential targets for the US Airforce….


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Pollution in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2012

One picture is worth a thousand words. But if you listen you can hear the earth crying in China.
Chinese water pollution

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Daily Double- Chinese Street Shitters

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2012

Here is a dose of Chinese reality.

My question is that if this stink hole has been around for thousands of years and cumulatively the Chinese have taken gazillions of shits, then why have they not discovered toilets?


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Cancer Villages in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2012

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China’s Anti-Foreigner Rhetoric Pays Off- American Killed in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2012

The communist party has been campaigning about the bad foreign element in Beijing and China. Although China has 1,340,000,000 people and about 450,000 non-chinese foreigners, that is too many for a country such as China.

High profile signs show a fist smashing down on ‘bad and illegal foreigners’ in the people’s republic, and calls for people to be mindful and on the lookout for bad foreigners. Should anyone see such a person, they are to call the police. Aside from this, chinese pundits have called for the cleansing of China’s soul by alleviating this place of all humans aka people who are not from China.

The result of all this hate has been the murder of an American man in Beijing. According to this site, the deceased is a 62 year old man, whose only sin was to was to have a spouse whose job had sent them to China to live. The man, whose wife worked for P&G, probably dedicated his life to teaching these savages how to speak human, his intentions pure.

Unfortunately for the man and his family, some Chinese took to heart the calling to squash the foreign element and a guy stabbed the American to death. The chinese mafia, I mean police, have detained the alleged murderer. Through torture, they will exact a confession, no doubt, but if the man in custody was the culprit, no one will know.

In all honesty, the guy they are questioning, whom they call mentally disturbed, is probably a homeless person with little to no education. But Chinese justice being what it is, they will scapegoat the guy and proclaim justice has been served.

Big ups to the communist party for spreading peace and harmony and joy to life of all.

Story here

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