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Update on America Killed in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2012

Te American man who lost his life, was killed near tianenman at qianmen. The place has bad karma, about a six weeks ago another 62 year old American was stabbed there too.

Seems odd, that in the pas forty days that two Americans were stabbed.

I guess all the anti foreigner stuff that the commies are shoving at the locals is paying off.

Back to the story,
The deceased was 62 and has last name was Mills. He was on a tourist visa and had arrived here on July 3. The truTh is that I always thought of this place as one of the safest Id been to, but things are changing. Chinas economy is in the shitter and down to 7% by chicom calculations, which means they are probably in a recession. And in china, a recession means hundreds of millions of people dont have jobs. This stink box needs ten percent growth just to maintain employment, and they are not doing that.

Lately there have been some pretty skank looking migrants around bj and the other day a woman was robbed in front of the embassy. These unemployed migrants have nothing to lose and its easy for them to do a hit and grab and run off.

My predication is that right now tension in beijing is as tight as a chinaman. The party is keeping a lid on things till they can get the next thief in office. If they succeed, then they will worry. But if their gdp does not come up, you are going to hear about a lot more crime and chaos, and then this place is going third world crazy……some of my friends are taking off, i want to be here to see it….

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