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Funny Comment From Naked China Story-explicit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 14, 2012

The King found this gem……

CoBa?Monday, July 2, 2012 at 1:01 pm
they are nice women in china. I fked quite a lot of them. The secret is the timing, to kick them out/get rid of them BEFORE they can pull off their crazy shit. I never understood why people want to buy the whole cow, when the only thing they wanted was the milk ?!
In all the years, I never made any bad experience with chinese women. Except some rather funny reaction, when i shaved one or the other pssy and they started to cry during the process, cause their grandmother told them that they will get sick and probably die when they would ever shave themselves downstairs.
Chinese women are very experimental and curious, and funny you mention “trigger”, cause i think that chinese man have no “triggers” at all. They just add to the drama cause they themselves are useless. They have no positive sexual skills which leads a women to let loose and be open minded sexually.
Most of this shit happens cause of sexual frustration and fucked up family/culture/society values in general. This folks are pimped on their brains from small legs onwards. Indoctrinated some crazy shit and guilt complexes, never taught anything real valuable from an emotional and common sense standpoint. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to let them go off, and there is no power in the world which can let them calm down (except you KO them). They have the rare skill to make a mess out of nothing and occupy dozens of people and hundreds of bystanders, just cause they feel maltreated by whatever small piece of shit happening, the rest of us would laugh about.

Monday, July 2, 2012 at 12:45 pm
the ONLY thing ? are you sure ?
remember when the tiger bit siegfried (or roy?), and people went: “the tiger went crazy…”, blaming the tiger ? And i thought to myself: WTF !
Liberals tend to look out for excuses for all kind of shit just to avoid reality. Truth is: the tiger didn’t go crazy, the tiger went to tiger, simple as that. You can teach him a few tricks, but he is still a wild animal.
Same here, a chinese women pulled off some crazy shit ! No mystery involved, its just a chinese women being chinese trying to make “the best” (from her point of view) out of the mess she just created. This doesn’t mean that ALL chinese women would have done the same. It just means that the whole situation, incl. the drama foreplay, the incident itself, and the aftermath of ALL people involved is MUCH more likely to happen in china, then anywhere else in the world.
Shit happens everywhere, its just that it happens in china more frequently and on a higher level of irrationality then anywhere else. Money is still number one, and she did what was the right thing to do. In all irrationality, she acted quite rational based on her cultural standards.

>>> Comment, in china if you smoke someone with your car. you have either two choices kill them (hence running a child back and forth, because it’s cheaper for a funeral, than compensation). I honestly can’t wait to convert to Japanese or something.

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