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Mr Sunshine, Cancer and Stupidity in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 14, 2012

Chinese are in love with umbrellas, they tote them in the rain and snow, and even to avoid mr sunshine. What really gets me, however, is the fact that while the average chinaman cowers from the suns powerful rays and ensconces their pallid walking corpses in everything from burlap sacks, to welding masks, all in the name of not turning a darker shade of shit knuckle brown, they do little to nothing to avoid the real problems in china.

For instance, this shit heap is covered with water that is undrinkable and one quarter cannot even be used for manufacturing. Aside from this, a high percentage of the food is fake or toxic, not to mention the milk. And the locals do buy feom abc, anywhere but china, if they can. But….

The result of all this is that cancer is now the leading cause of death in maos great mistake. But what the chinese do not do, which i truly fail to understand, is protect their lungs from smog. They will wet suit up like jacques cousteau before wobbling around outside, but will not even wear a protective mask. With lung cancer one of the top killers here, a mask is not somethng to avoid, i even sleep in mine. No shit, half of the time i wear a mask in my own home….

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