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Chinese Laundrymat

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2012

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The Chinese Ching and Chong About America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2012

This comes from the enlightened one, aka The King.
He gives a good commentary on the post….

I love the ugly chinese gorillia (the third interviewer who gets all his news and impressions of America the great war machine from the news.Odd….. When Americans lose their lives protecting the street shitters against the Japanese then it’s ok for America to have a big army huh?). Hell his mouth was so open I can smell his KTV girl vinegar on his breath. China is a stinky county. a very stinky country.

Awww isn’t the little girl (after the wild savage), so innocent and sweet. Honest (no sarcasm). Let’s hope she can leave the big stinky with her virginal innocence lamblike bunnyness before it’s corrupted into a screeching, crazy, wild woman Shanghai chick.

Again another Red Guard who sells shoes , (after the girl). complains about the US miltary……in Lybia. (could it not be stated that the Gadaffies fucked everyone up?) fuck you stinky China.

But neverless the views that Chinese have of America, are friendly and admiring democracy and a less savage country.

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