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Cinese Girly Men, Video Gaming and Despair

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

The King should write a book …..
All rise for The King of them all..
Gowron brings the real

So here I am playing Quake 4, trying to infiltrate a bunch of cyborgs in a castle. When these flippy haired Chinese faggos come into my booth. MY BOOTH that distictly say no stinky stinkies. So the timer comes on and I politey tell the boy to move over, he just scoots over an inch,and maks the annoyed sound when I try to panically rush to the front desk, to register my comp fuck you China for being a paranoid land of fuck. NOBODY wants to invade just chill out, already China. China is a land of garbage piles (rats carrying black death, still a deadly disease in the big Stinky. I honestly swear on Jesus that I did witness a quarentine sign in the back hinters of China (the trains), that listed lots of biblical esque, Pharoh and Moses like diseases. That were though to be extinct. So like I want these boys coughing their AIDS-Malaria-STD sores on my pure Christian cleaness is next to godliness skin. Then I go to the desk, and these idiot gay floppy hair boys were registering in. So I wait my turn, still paicking that my marine was cliniging to life (the computer auto deletes. lol. Making much ado about nothing. like do Chinese people just take perverse pleasure in wasting human’s time? yes

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Pandering to China, Hypocrisy and Ignorance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

The BewMan, a native of the land o plenty has a well adapted bullshit radar. He sees throfuh the China haze better than most of the idiots who report on this dump…

From The Big Brew

Why doesn’t that scum bag Jim Rogers put his money where his mouth is, and live in the real China? Ya gotta love his hypocrisy: sells his NY apartment in ’07, pumps up China’s future and tells us Aisa’s where it’s at; but THEN steers clear of Big Stinky and settles for cosmopolitan Singapore.

And of course he chides the grim reaper of “short change,” Jim Chanos, for never visiting China, when Jimbo keeps orbits away himself.

You never see any of the uber bulls drink the cancerous water of “caner villages,” do to their alveoli in 10 years what it takes a chain smoker 50 years or a coal miner a career to accomplish, or dodging poop & urine in the street with the same dartiness of moving objects in Tetris. I wonder how many of them saw their fortunes trimmed from scandalous reverse mergers and IPOs.

If they lost some change from phony IPOs or filled their blood with lead, cadmium, mercury, manganese and anabolic steroids, if they lived among the “untouchables” rather than expat palaces or Singapore (where they make believe), I wonder how many would continue singing the same tune?

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Woman Bites Cop-Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

Good Vid from The King…

Woman goes crazy and bites police officer for giving a ticket over daughter standing up without a seatbelt. And blames Laowai perscution. Laws and rules are for human civility and saftey. So that children don’t end up like the girl who was run over again and again in China.

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China Fucking Sucks-youtube video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

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What a War Versus China Would Look Like

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

Here is a video which exemplifies China. This sawed off, slack jawed little Chinese troll acts up because he is on his own turf and surrounded by his peeps. The white guy (AUS?) just takes in all the Chinese bullshit. Suddenly, the Chinese pushes it too far, as they always do, and the white guy goes all WW2 on the guy. Watch how the Chinese pisses all over himself and then cowers.

This, in essence, is what a war with the Chinese would look like. They are all bluster and ‘face’, but when push comes to shove are about as useless as tits on a boar ( a boar is a male , thus ‘tits’ are useless)…

Take a look and tell me how right I am….

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Photo of Chinese Folk Dance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

Photo of Chinese Folk Dance

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Big Balla, Brewskie Hits China With a Nut Shot-sjt Chines Construction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2012

The BrewDog gives a fk u to the big stinky…his reply is to the got milk post


Makes me wish I was young again… =)

To commemorate my return we’ll start with a rail gun shot into uncle chicom marble nut sack:

Has China’s infrastructure improved any? Hell no:


“Fourteen bodies have been recovered following a mudslide that ripped through the construction site of the massive Baihetan Dam on June 28. According to Chinese state media, rescue teams are still searching for 26 missing workers and their relatives near the site in southwest Sichuan province.

The mudslide, at what will be the world’s third largest hydro-electric plant upon completion, is the latest in a string of high-profile infrastructure accidents. It comes days after by Premier Wen Jiabao announced increased spending on public works to shore up China’s slowing economy.


The 90th anniversary of the Party in 2011 coincided with the opening of the world’s longest sea bridge, the world’s longest gas pipeline, and the much-touted high-speed railway from Shanghai to Beijing.

Beijing had already announced 23 new major infrastructure projects, costing $100 billion this year — before it decided on the new round of road, rail, ports, power, telecoms and water spending.

But more and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. There have been problems.

Collapsing bridges, roads, dikes and dams, particularly in rural areas, have been well-publicized embarrassments for the technocrats in Beijing. Many of these failures are rooted in endemic corruption among local officials, who siphon off cash and subcontract work to friends or inexperienced firms.

According to CNN, four bridges collapsed in 2011 in the span of a week. At one of the bridges, in Chongqing, a major city near the site of the mudslide, 40 people fell 460 to their deaths; later, an investigation uncovered kickbacks and theft. Some of the money was reportedly used to build a hostess bar.

And speaking of infrastructure, what’s a little China bashing without some bridge failures? Three – count ’em: three! – big, bad bridge failures I stumbled upon in a matter of minutes.




Why avoid surgery in China? Because 60% of health care workers still smoke; many hospitals allow smoking on their premises.


The shadow banking system, the fifth wheel of China’s economy, is decoupling from the private sector she lends to; loans are tanking:


“That is according to Yicai, which reports that underground lending rates in Shenzhen have fallen from the high of 120% per annum (yes, you read it right) to somewhere between 28-32% per annum. On top of that, discounts are often offered, so the actual rates could be much less. One of the creditors in Shenzhen is offering 2.3% per month, and discounts can be offered to borrowers who borrow more than a few million RMB, while another one suggested that monthly rate has fallen to 1% or below on average.

The fall is attributed partly to the lack of demand for credit as the economy slows, consistent with our belief that China is in a debt deflation, which means that demand for credit shrinks as overstretched private sector deleverages. Not only is demand in underground banking falling, the volume of trusts products issuance will likely fall on a month-on-month basis in July according to Yicai after hitting a record high in June. On top of the lack of demand for credit, recent concerns over the credit risks within the trust industry are also said to have made these trusts companies cautious.”

But while the shadow banking system, private companies and the Chinese economy overall shrivels, the Big 4 are “making it rain” for their SOE ponzi schemers like NBA ballas in a strip club.


And finally, the man who called Enron, Jim Chanos, is saying China’s internal debt situation makes Greece & Spain look like “child’s play.”


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