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Owners of China-Made Cars, aka Crash Test Dummies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 23, 2012


Here is a post from Brewskiel he shows ua why driving anything made in China, volunteers   You to be a crash test dummie


The Brew



More Scooby snacks.  What’s remarkable is I’ve re-entered the China loop only several days ago: I was completely ignorant of all China-related matters during the sabbatical; the nation coulda crashed, the King woulda rejoiced with all the Yukon Jack Calgary offered, and I woulda have been ignorant of it like a dead red southern redneck.  If it’s this easy to re-enter the loop, even for a foreigner, imagine how rotten to its black-smog, KTV-addicted, gutter oil core this swindling & cheating China really is.

A testament of technology – the ultimate knockdown of Chinese automotive technology.
Sure, we all know Chinese-made cars make the Ford Pinto seem like an imposing APC by comparison…

But watch how even a Smart car stands up in wrecks – even at 70 MPH! (Not that I’d feel safe in one at those speeds :-\ )

China’s roads: like testing fate in a middle-of-nowhere quick sand pit (Count ’em: one, two, three – five big, carnivorous devourers)
As the Todo is now pulling on the red curtain hiding the rotten, cheating facade China’s economy is, US investors are running from Chinese IPOs like sprinters in the Running of the Bulls: no Chinese enterprise expected to list in the US in the second half, only one listed in the first half.
In fact, the globe is developing the same distrustful disdain for Chinese IPOs as Chef Ramsey has for White Castle; the US regains the #1 spot for number of firms listing.
Profits drop 50% in the first half for China’s Big 3 airlines.
Income growth plunged 19% in the first half:
Months back, some low-level CCP peon interns musta been in a hurry to get out early Friday for some KTV cuddling, and sonorous inebriation: “Just consolidate fog warnings under smog ratings, no one will know the difference.”

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Chinese Made IUD’S Collapsable Tunnels and Other China Dirt

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 23, 2012



Here is a post from the Big Brewskie, master of the long ball..although his time here is nil, he knows more than most….hes also part of the triad, of which the King and I are a member…

Gordon Chang has been ahead of his time. Sure, his book on the collapse of China, “the Coming Collapse of China” written in the mid-2000s, struck out bad by calling the crash last decade; but genius is rarely understood in the present by lesser, average mortals, and it takes the slow-growth of truth, time’s daughter, to bear fruit to the masses. Hell, it took until the 1990s to verify the calculation of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity to prove the expansion of the universe is, in fact, speeding up – a thought Einstein initially thought improbable and denounced.

Say China friend, when you take off that ugly mask and reveal the rotten teeth of your fly-basted, lice-ridden, disease-filled economic charade of yours, I can only squint like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator and say, “You… Ah one… uhgly mothafuckah.” To purty up yer festered looks, I’d like to introduce two eager companions of mine: to my left I have my T-800 cyborg arm, an eager jackhammer ready to remold and reshape that lying face of yours – and maybe clean those sooty lungs of yers via a few well placed rib shots – and above my right shoulder I have mounted a rail gun – a replacement for the predator’s shoulder-mounted blast cannon.

The Bird’s Nest (China’s Olympic stadium) needed critical health care for rust and structural spits the year it was completed; too bad the engineers couldn’t bring ticket sales:


“But the only international visitors sitting in the stands on a recent day aren’t impressed.

“For me, it’s just a huge concrete place,” says German tourist Christian Lodz. “Personally I think, after four years, it looks a little bit shabby.”

“What I think is interesting is that it’s just not used for anything useful,” says his countryman Henne Zelle, waving at a crane and tarpaulins in the middle of the stadium. “There’s a construction zone there, and it’s kind of dirty.”

The problem is how to fill the empty expanse of seats; the stadium is designed to house 91,000 spectators.

Since the Olympics, a number of tactics have been tried: The construction of man-made ski slopes turned it temporarily into a winter wonderland, and tightrope walker Adili Wuxor spent two months living suspended on a tightrope above the Bird’s Nest trying to set a new world record.”

Brazil & India (two Bric darlings) are stalling, Europe’s getting swallowed by a cataclysmic, continent-size growing in circumstance, the US is feeling tepid – how the fuck is a slowing China suppose to be the start darling, the main attraction, the centerpiece to saving the global economy?


I was hoping my “advocacy journalism” on faulty, torrid Chinese construction project, followed by a vacation, would get the Chinese heads to collect their sense together and improve projects to 1940s quality (at least). Shouldn’t have gone on vacation: Chinese contractors appear to have gotten lazier.

When you steal a car in America, you pull the driver out via Grand Theft Auto; in China, the road itself eats the car!


China’s deadly one-two railroad combo: if you try fixing the defective rails, the tunnels instead will collapse and kill ya:


Burmese people catching on: trusting Chinese to build world’s 15-largest hydroelectric dam is like trusting cigarette companies’ cancer sticks to improve your health.


American ladies: don’t attempt birth control using Chinese-made IUDs:


Proof chicom statisticians flunk price index mathematics like John Nash would fail as a marriage counselor: Vacationing in China becoming more expensive.


22 Chinese companies made the FT top-500 list. The catch? They’re all state-owned firms(!) – PetroChina, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, China Shenhua Energy Company, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, and China Shenhua Energy Company.


And finally, some good news: US firm, fed up with cat-and-mouse games surrounding Chinese quality and production controls, and discouraged by rising costs, are moving production back to native soil.

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The King Returns to Civilization!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 23, 2012

The King is making his triumphant return to humanity and has sent one of his last posts here. Sadly for us, he will not post as much, but good for him as he will be with good people such as he deserves. Btw, I will be posting about his offer to save a life-this is true….

Part of the King’s last post….(actually I have saved some King rants that I can sprinkle in over time)
All rise for The King….he deserves it
Readers of WTD, Will be posting occasionally once I’m in Canada, but I got to do the necessary steps to facilitate a speedy recovery (regain my stamina and vitality that this big stinky has sapped me for (somehow car honking, young fags faggoting in the rooms next door, arguments, doesn’t make for good beauty sleep.) I will be spritually trying to re shing my Inner essence prepairing for a big challenge of volunteering for the Rio World Youth Day. Damn these angry succbuses of China sucking my soul. with their banshee arguments in the streets.

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