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New Chinese Lakefront Property for Sale

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

Hahahahahaha. Dumbasses cant even build drains…

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The King’s Triumphant Return to Civilization from China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

From The King, who really deserves a break….
All Rise
I’m taking a nice relaxing break, and slowly reconnecting back into the great game as it were. my first night back, was heavenly, well would have been if the smell of my clothes I brought back from the Big Stinky, stank up the whole house, living with mom again, until I quickly find a rent controled apartment, going to drop off my big stinky’s clothes to the homeless shelter, don’t worry I’m i cleaning them… I take a wiff of the clothes, and I get high from the smell of Christian purity. my windows are open and the sweet scent of suburbia…… grass and well grass. which makes me wonder, if I become a great freedom fighting Christian monk Jedi, (a do gooder even at a higher grade than what I was before), would heaven smell as sweet when I die, saving a bunch of orphans in some village from Commie raiders in silly Che hats. Neverless, I took a nice relaxing “S” in a human toliet! soooo clean…… clean cleannnn. gah it it wern’t for my Shanghai scented clothes, that smelled of matches as soon as I took them out. Even my cuddly blankeys, smelled like rancid Shanghai smell. so much that my mom opened the window,

Man my room smelled like boys gym room, the girls get the clean one, but the boys one with the socks, and undies, and jock shorts everywhere lol is what my bag smelled like. Like fuck you china….. really fuck you….. Befouling Christian Canadian air, with your big stinky is well is that crosses the line. And I volunteered at the homeless shelter for 10 years, smelling bad smell, they smell better than you do China, and a hell of nice. Like I find the homeless actually more spritually evolved, except in China, stink stink stink stink, and more stink. I resisted the urge to just go for a late night walk, and went to bed in a human bed, mom changed everything, threw out my old diaries. and like everything, so I’m starting from scratch, which is cool, (I didn’t pack them up when I left for China, but if one thing in China has taugth me, *it don’t mean a thang*. I could probably just get my contacts again. beause I slowly saved all my info on data stick, The only problem is that I’ve been living in the Big Stinky so long, everythi9 a ng is new again, and scary. kept on mumbling in the dark about what I’m going to do oh god oh god. my Mantra of madness ( A tv trope, a website dedicated to all the plot mechanics and devices used in story telling). until the little girl beside who is now a 14 year old ninja of death, snuck in my room and kicked the shit out of me, lol. Well can’t wait to reconnect with my church again. can’t really connect in a path way to a church in regards to baptism though. You need at least a year for that, and this suburbia isn’t designed job wise for young sigle adults, the pattern is adults go out find each other have sex THEN move back into suburbia. Besides all my facebook Calgarian buds live in the North. and the north is closer to the homeless shelter where I volunteer (aka reconnect connections again to reintergrate into society). But living on my own in China and posting here really helps me focus on the pathway one must take to reach goal. not to be mr big, but mr do…..

All I can say is this, as I experiment with reconnecting into society, this will give me the skills I need to give hope to those out of society, ie homless, those on parole and rebuilding their lives, youths at risk. Rich criminals and other hartless politicians and big people mr and mrs big who hurts people, they’ll eventually have to meet God. Isn’t this punishment enough when God says disapointedly as he has no choice, Go to hell? (regards to their ultimate destination). As a final message to the big Stinky, please people try to have a soul, God will work with you with the tinesty crack of light, even THAT is enough.

Watched the film Meet the Lorlax a Wilford Brimly aka Diabetus cat (as pronounced by Mr Brimley). like creature who protects the forest, and tries to presuade a human to leave a magical forest of Dr Suze like trees. The humans and his relatives a family of rednecks trash the place, and eventually the place looks like a typical Chinese anytown big stinky, smog, stinky air, black goo in the water (China has lots of lots of lots of watery black goo, they feed into orchards, lakes. Don’t you dare say I’m lying, In Jesus’s name I seen this). because the movie was a cartoon, faimly like cartoon, the tycoon that caused all this problems, has one remaining seed left and grants the teenaged dude his dream to plant a tree for his babe of a redheaded hippy girlfriend a actual tree. Another tycoon was selling bottled air (who remarkable looks like a little Chinese boss, 3 foot tall, bowl parted hair, two bald goons). And this brings the ultimate point, Earth, China CAN recover it’ll still be tainted and polluted but it will recover like a heart attack paitent is able to recover.

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As Corpses Float Down the River, China Says Nobody Died in Storm

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

China has too many people, so poor planning and mother nature combine to get rid of a few. Uncle chicom, however, denies it is true…

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China’s Legal Junkyard

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

Tim Clissold, is quoted as saying this about China , “I was dealing with a society with no rules, or with plenty of rules, which were seldom enforced. China appeared to be run by masterful showmen: appearances that mattered more than substance , rules were there to be distorted, and success came through outfacing an opponent. ”

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Chinese Quality in a Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

China has thousands of years of history and zero years of producing anything of value.

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Photo of Another Thing Not Invented in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

China, aside from her four big inventions- 1)chewing with one’s mouth open 2)sexual predation 3)corruption and 4)xenophobia, has invented little else. Sure it took them a couple thousand years to come up with those gems, but as they say, what have you done for me lately?

Well, this pic shows what dirty china has done-basically nothing. Or at least nothing positive.

Last week we had a little sprinkling here. Sure, some places had over a foot of rain, but for the most part we merely had downpours. The result was that a bunch of people died, buildings crumbled and the chicoms looked stupid.

Now before you go off on a panda hugging rant about flooding in the US and subsequent problems, please it down and shut your pie-hole and hear me out. Yes, we in civilization have floods. Those floods typically occur in places that are near great bodies of water, ie the Mississippi, the Gulf or one of he coasts. We do not, however, experience catastrophic floods in places like El Paso or Glendale. The reason I bring up those two places is that Beijing , just as El Paso and Glendale does not lie next to any great body. Aside from this, Beijing is a verydry place. This means that the land is thirsty and can suck up a ton of H2o. And yes I know that El Paso way aboe sea level, but just set that to the side for the moment. (I actually lived in EP for a spell).

The point I am trying to make is that China sucks. They create a buzz about building things, but what you really get is all smoke and mirrors. Take the Olympics, for example. All those ‘great structures’ are now decaying, rotting hulks of a time when we all got to experience the brutality and lies of communism first hand. The fact is that China is great at building things, but not building things that work properly, or for a protracted period of time. The floods are proof of this.

The scat-brained chicoms earmarked too much cash for KTV cooze and overseas schools for their one child dung heaps instead of putting the money where it belongs. Thus, in China, you get a little sprinkling of fat rain drops and the city of Beijing goes to hell.

The upside of it all is that uncle chicom will earmark billions to fix what it should have done right in the first place. This will lead to more chicom thugs being able to ship their little wastes of space overseas to get an education and buy a house for the day that this shit heap gets overrun by the ‘ren’ or commoner.

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Death Dough, China’s Latest Poison

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

Here is a good one from The King

Poisoned food found in Wuhan…. like the Big Stinky’s olympic team has steoids and doping should be the least of their worries… Their food is toxic goo!


A FOOD additive containing a banned chemical has been widely used by fried dough stick vendors in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, to make the snack tastier and more attractive.

A major ingredient of the “fried dough stick seasoning” is an industrial chemical, aluminum ammonium sulfate, which has been banned since its long-term intake can lead to brain damage, cerebral atrophy and senile dementia.

The seasoning is popular among Wuhan vendors because 500 grams costs an average of 5 yuan (US 78 cents) but can be used to fry 25 kilograms of crispy and puffy dough sticks, Changjiang Times reported yesterday.

Fried dough sticks, also known as you tiao, are a popular Chinese breakfast food.

Breakfast stall owners prefer “fried dough stick seasoning” over traditional additives, alum and alkali, a seasoning seller told the paper.

According to printed information that comes in the seasoning package, it helps save oil and creates a better taste. However, it is produced by a chemical plant instead of a food factory.

“It must have passed quality tests, otherwise it wouldn’t enter the market,” another seller said, adding that many fried dough stick makers bought at least 50 kilograms each time.

More than half of the store owners in a local wholesale market sell the toxic seasoning, the paper said.

In previous years, washing powder was said to be used in the cities of Guangzhou and Nanjing to fry the dough sticks to give them a good, puffy appearance.

The news about dough sticks caused concern on the Internet. “I haven’t eaten it for long time. I feared vendors might add leftover oil or banned additives,” a netizen said.

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