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Photo of Another Thing Not Invented in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2012

China, aside from her four big inventions- 1)chewing with one’s mouth open 2)sexual predation 3)corruption and 4)xenophobia, has invented little else. Sure it took them a couple thousand years to come up with those gems, but as they say, what have you done for me lately?

Well, this pic shows what dirty china has done-basically nothing. Or at least nothing positive.

Last week we had a little sprinkling here. Sure, some places had over a foot of rain, but for the most part we merely had downpours. The result was that a bunch of people died, buildings crumbled and the chicoms looked stupid.

Now before you go off on a panda hugging rant about flooding in the US and subsequent problems, please it down and shut your pie-hole and hear me out. Yes, we in civilization have floods. Those floods typically occur in places that are near great bodies of water, ie the Mississippi, the Gulf or one of he coasts. We do not, however, experience catastrophic floods in places like El Paso or Glendale. The reason I bring up those two places is that Beijing , just as El Paso and Glendale does not lie next to any great body. Aside from this, Beijing is a verydry place. This means that the land is thirsty and can suck up a ton of H2o. And yes I know that El Paso way aboe sea level, but just set that to the side for the moment. (I actually lived in EP for a spell).

The point I am trying to make is that China sucks. They create a buzz about building things, but what you really get is all smoke and mirrors. Take the Olympics, for example. All those ‘great structures’ are now decaying, rotting hulks of a time when we all got to experience the brutality and lies of communism first hand. The fact is that China is great at building things, but not building things that work properly, or for a protracted period of time. The floods are proof of this.

The scat-brained chicoms earmarked too much cash for KTV cooze and overseas schools for their one child dung heaps instead of putting the money where it belongs. Thus, in China, you get a little sprinkling of fat rain drops and the city of Beijing goes to hell.

The upside of it all is that uncle chicom will earmark billions to fix what it should have done right in the first place. This will lead to more chicom thugs being able to ship their little wastes of space overseas to get an education and buy a house for the day that this shit heap gets overrun by the ‘ren’ or commoner.

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