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Coming Collapse of China- Workers Bees Flee Cities

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2012

Here is a comment from Brewskie. The background is that China is home to ‘ant cities’ of literally millions of transient workers. These workers come from farms, which in China are for the poorest of the poor. Almost 500 million Chinese live on dollars a day, and these people are farmers. In order to earn some coin, they flood to the citiies where they are brutalized and abused, aka treated to ‘civility with chinese characteristics’.
Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, these people are fleeing the cities.
From the BrewMan

Here Brewskie points out that China’s electricity consumption, which people use as a proxy for understanding China’s true GDP for even their next second in charge has called China’s GDP stats ‘for reference only’ aka an untruth,…. long digression, returning to thought now… electricity consumption in china is used as a proxy for assessing the real GDP. It is down, which would mean that China’s GDP is stalling or in the shitter as we speak….

More BrewMan

“Say, I also saw a bit on Also Sprach Analyst that thermal electricity consumption fell 4-some percent from last year. Contradicts the CCP press release that it’s up. Hmmm, who to believe…?”

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