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Professor Pervert and Stinky China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2012

Here is a shot from the King who now resides in civilization…

The King

Wow Mr Bean, the Queen parachuting, industrial revolution cyborgs…….. What no Elton John!?!?!?!??!!!?!?!?!!? no ELTON JOHN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!? but but but it’s Elton John……..the crazy funny guy. like on the Who’s Tommy.


University prof orders swomen students to disrobe, and touch them during exams. well duhhhhh it’s a ANATOMY exam lol.

A university teacher who ordered women students to expose their private parts and touch their bodies in a test has been removed from his post, Guangzhou Daily reported yesterday. Doctors are allowed to touch naked people….during check ups.

Yu Xiaohua, a teacher of the University of South China in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, demanded women students of the School of Nursing to take off their clothes including pants in a test that simulates the physical examination for patients, according to the newspaper.

He threatened that students who refused would fail the test, which was held last month.

Students dared not oppose him but they later complained online that they “either took off their clothes or failed the test,” according to one post that triggered widespread anger against the teacher.

The test contained 21 body examination items and only three items required students to take off their clothes, the newspaper said.

Students were told that they would draw lots to decide what they had to practice in front of the teacher.

However, Yu threw that out and demanded they each perform examinations on chests and belly, both requiring them to remove their clothes.

He also touched students’ bodies to demonstrate the skills if he said they weren’t doing it the right way, according to the newspaper.

As public condemnation grew on the Internet, the university announced the punishment against Yu on its website.

Yu was ordered to apologize to all students and he was removed.

The university pledged to improve the regulations on tests to prevent similar incidents.

4 Responses to “Professor Pervert and Stinky China News”

  1. Brewskie said

    All hail to the King; his words are poetic Shakespeare, his truth is inerrant; when photons from his mouth kiss the ground, crops grow where water was scarce, and happy children pull silks of gold from corn stalks. Failure to abide will cause unpleasant merger consequence between self and chicken; a famous Brad Pitt Fight Club line will be re-written as, “Sticking feathers up your butt does make you a chicken.”

    Got a five-course meal served in unison on a plate fit for the King.

    The Holy Trinity of Hell’s own archangel, Sir Patrick Chovanec, goes Donkey Kong with the Sledgehammer of Truth on China’s supposive real estate recovery (Remember falling inflation? Patrick’s laid skepticism to that, too.)

    However, before we slam China’s head to the mat, and smear her with rosy cauliflower ear, I’d like to give the Chinese kudos for standing up to Big Stinky, inc – well, partially.: a hornets’ nest of protesters startled Qidong’s government into cancelling an undesired project. The project: a sewage treatment plant – badly needed of course; many Chinese cities lack ’em – built by the Japanese, couriers of quality. Okay, boneheads, you get partial credit, and that’s for stripping the mayor from power.


    The real men of action, however, belong to Shifang: unlike the girlie men of Qidong – who woulda pouted over the Japs buildings condo towers with Toyota’s illustrious quality – these strappin’ lads were willing to pick up sledgehammers, baseball bats or whatever else to bust some skulls, paint a bloody mural, a drive out Big Stinky’s big guv/SOE leaches for a real cause: stopping construction of a molybdenum copper plant.


    And like inflation, which doesn’t seem as tamed as Party blabbermouths would like you to hear, protests aren’t falling either: they’re up to 500-some daily!


    Now for the main course:


    “What’s Driving China’s Real Estate Rally? Part 1

    The buzz is that China real estate is back. After nearly a year of steep discounting, with both land and housing sales in April looking like they were falling of a cliff, the market was electrified in late May by stories of would-be home-buyers lining up around the block and entire luxury developments selling out on the days sales opened. China Securities Journal reported that Beijing housing sales were up 46.5% YoY in May, Xinhua reported they were up 50.6% YoY in June, and property agency Centaline says they’ve continue to surge at 37% YoY in the first half of July. Over Dragon Boat Festival weekend, in late June, China’s Housing Ministry said sales volume for Beijing residential property soared 289% YoY…


    Word is that property developers, encouraged by the turn-around in sales, have begun ditching discounts and raising their prices again. Official statistics for June showed property prices rising in more cities (25) than falling (21) for the first time since last September, with Dow Jones calculating average nationwide prices increasing by a modest 0.02% after eight straight months of decline… However, other numbers tell a very different story. According to data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, total floor space sold was down -9.3% YoY in May, and -3.3% YoY in June. Total sales in June rebounded to +6.9% YoY, the first gain this year, but hardly makes a dent compared to the 33% YoY increase in units for sale. Meanwhile, land sales resumed their downward slide to -22.4% YoY in June, and new starts were down -16.3% YoY that month, the worst this year. As a result, growth in total floor space under construction has steadily declined, from 35.5% YoY at the beginning of the year to 17.2% YoY in June. I’ve been hearing more and more stories about that construction being put on hold, a storyline that appears to be validated by the fact that completions, which were up 45.2% YoY in January, have fallen to 0.3% YoY in June — basically flat compared to last year, and heading into decline. No surprise, then, that growth in real estate investment has fallen from 27.9% YoY for 2011 to 16.6% for 1H12 and 11.8% YoY in June — numbers that will feed directly into lower GDP growth.”

    Remember how steel mills are weltering are under awful debt/asset ratios? The real estate developers must be their fraternal twins.

    In the meantime, China’s property developers are facing intense financial pressure just to stay afloat. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

    Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services says China’s more than 80,000 developers could face a battle for survival as a wave of short-term property loans fall due this year. The risk is that these businesses could become so desperate they will either default, leaving behind half-finished projects at a time economic growth already is slowing, or start offering steep discounts, triggering a price war.”

    I’ll continue with Patrick’s article tomorrow. He has a 2nd part to this as well; peace.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Brew, you are my idol. Aside from enjoying your stuff, i am compiling it as well. In my day job i am actually working on a book about this shit hole. The sad thing is that i cannot use the terms such as fuck you china, and stinky ktv ho, ut i get my digs in otherwise.aside from that, i am forced to write choerent sentences and proper punctuation, which is a drag…
      Your stuff has given me fodder for that work

  2. Brewskie said

    In the news fit to print for today: Chinese grow a pair and show Big Stinky guvsters and SOE leaches who’s the girlie men, plus commentary from Patrick “Hammer Time” Chovanec.

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