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China Scores Double Gold in Olympic Swimming

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

One Response to “China Scores Double Gold in Olympic Swimming”

  1. vanoc1 said

    I didn’t know bathing and pooing in unison and shaving genitals earned points. Was a catogory of scoring also how stinky and dirty they can make the water with dirty oily body goo? a score meter that sounded of an eeeeee ohhhhhhhh (defeated sad fog horn sound denoting stinky smells in cartoons), and the judges gave a 10 10 10 non an infinity infinity infinity on the score card. I wonder if the Chinese would be doping, because say the American team living in a clean place, who didn’t know about these catagories, went into the wrong venue into the stinklympics…. and the Americans and other civilized athletes would defintatly lose, thus China is doping….. PS China fuck you and your medals. Canada will win some and have our best year, America wins lots, and lots of upsets from Japan, (this is what happens when you train hard and honestly). come on Team Queen Mom, show these Big Stinky faggits up. This is your home turf. Someone stop that big stinky behemoth. Stop them…. fucking stop them STOP THEM STOP THEM STOP THEM I don’t care who does it…. I don’t care how you do it (sans doping or you lose), STOP THEMMMMMMMMMMMM STOP THEMMMMMM STOP THEMMMMMMMMMMM……

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