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London Puts The Smackdown on Stupid Reporters From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

Mao was right, people from china need a taste of the long knuckle or they get out of hand. I do not know if killing tens of millions of them was right, but they do need a good ass kicking. Here is a story of examples of signs that have been put up for the benefit of Chinese tourists..

“…Similar embarrassments have befallen Chinese nationals abroad over the years. A sign in Seoul written in Chinese characters pointedly said “no stealing” while scenic spots in Japan were found to have placards reminding Chinese visitors to “place toilet paper into the toilet and flush it, please.””

Wtf is wrong with these chinese monsters? How would you feel if you came from a country which is universally known to be filled with backwards cavepeople? Oh by the way, i have some pics of a guy letting his kid shit in the sink of the Papa Johns pizza in beijing, will put up later..

Back to the story…

“A sign in Chinese has been spotted at the Olympic media center in London, to remind reporters from China to show respect to staff at the center.

The sign reads: “Dear Chinese reporters, please show consideration for the London media center’s staff. If you wish to take a picture of them, please ask them beforehand and respect their personal space. Thank you,” the Shanghai-based Ximin Evening News reports.

A dispute has arisen regarding the intent of the sign, with some saying it is likely to reflect different cultural values of personal space. Some netizens in China have said that the sign is regrettable because the media center is an open press environment and the move shows a kind of discrimination in public, (my two cents, no china, it is not discrimination. You act like pigs in a pen, you are uncouth and not civilized. It is not discriminatory, it is the truth. Behave like humans and you will not be embarrassed.)while others said that the Chinese media should indeed learn to show greater respect to others if they wished to be treated equally in turn.


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