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War, China and North korea

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2012

The King left the big Stinkhole, aka China, but not his pop….

Here is the King’s take on it all

Infact we’re such chums we both kicked Hitler’s ass with the Devil’s brigade. A bunch of snowed in Warriors of Canmerica who shot at Nazis and shit, and we kept the Krauts at bay so they wouldn’t flank. and we both defeated the Kims….. didn’t quite finish the job but neverless fucked the Kims regime up. And soon with me joining the Highlanders as a pissed off Pseudo Scott (sure with yellow skin and black hair…. and a small dick, vs red hair, cyborg body, and freckled skin), oh well as long as I can join, and live my dream as Highlander from the movie (the shows never happened!), then I can finally kick the fat out of that retarded son of his that friend of China. Who plays with Disney Dolls. (and this is me coming from me, Gowron who plays with security blankets lol). Grow the fuck up Un Jong jong or what ever your fatso name is.

Anyways, too busy filing resumes, and starting a work out thing, so I can get the highlanders to cover my schooling (I have to serve a few years after wards, which was the orginal plan anyways, so why not earn a pension, learn building skills to serve the neighborhood, and fighting skills just incase a young bunch of PLA thugs do manage to take over, and I can defend myself and my peeps (people who live in the neighborhood).

Anyways, Canada and America rule because we stopped tyranny (boss hog from dukes of Hazzard …. ummm Sheriff of Nottingham, for you English readers), like Nazis and shit, and like Japan (when they were bad guys, and not the peace loving orgami dove folding cute school girls who smile at you with a silly grin with cat ears, because they hello kitty), and North Korea, and Facist Italy…. so this little war of 1812 thing is putting behind us and talk about Roller girls and their bras. I saw this little one called Short fuse, trying to over power this big girl called Shannon the Cannon…. talk about hot….. Ok, Canada and USA are both screwed because they eventually evolve into a dictatorship where children blow each other up with landmines, this competition is called the Hunger Games. lol.

Goooo hunger games.

3 Responses to “War, China and North korea”

  1. vanoc1 said

    Goddamit will the Freeworld just get serious and crush those big stinky beasts? you trained 4 years, 4 years, do your best, do what your genes from God lotto demands of you, wipe that literal shit eating grin off their stinky faces. Fuck them 8 months of non stop Ads of the Chinese olympics, non stop coverage of some pedo jail bait. Chung Fey. Enough is enough, they’re stealing my city’s oil. CRUSH THEM CRUSH THEM IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM AND EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD KILL THEM CRUSH THEM, make them WISH they ate pork and disqualified themselves to save them the trouble of coming to England. CRUSH THEM IN THE NAME OF QUEEN. STOP THIS INSANITY stop this madness. no pressure “Team non-smelly world” no pressure at all…..

  2. vanoc1 said

    the Girls from Team USA if you don’t win, team PEDO touch girls land, is coming to rule you girls in even more inappropriate ways than Coach Bela did. BEAT THEM….

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