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London Puts The Smackdown on Stupid Reporters From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

Mao was right, people from china need a taste of the long knuckle or they get out of hand. I do not know if killing tens of millions of them was right, but they do need a good ass kicking. Here is a story of examples of signs that have been put up for the benefit of Chinese tourists..

“…Similar embarrassments have befallen Chinese nationals abroad over the years. A sign in Seoul written in Chinese characters pointedly said “no stealing” while scenic spots in Japan were found to have placards reminding Chinese visitors to “place toilet paper into the toilet and flush it, please.””

Wtf is wrong with these chinese monsters? How would you feel if you came from a country which is universally known to be filled with backwards cavepeople? Oh by the way, i have some pics of a guy letting his kid shit in the sink of the Papa Johns pizza in beijing, will put up later..

Back to the story…

“A sign in Chinese has been spotted at the Olympic media center in London, to remind reporters from China to show respect to staff at the center.

The sign reads: “Dear Chinese reporters, please show consideration for the London media center’s staff. If you wish to take a picture of them, please ask them beforehand and respect their personal space. Thank you,” the Shanghai-based Ximin Evening News reports.

A dispute has arisen regarding the intent of the sign, with some saying it is likely to reflect different cultural values of personal space. Some netizens in China have said that the sign is regrettable because the media center is an open press environment and the move shows a kind of discrimination in public, (my two cents, no china, it is not discrimination. You act like pigs in a pen, you are uncouth and not civilized. It is not discriminatory, it is the truth. Behave like humans and you will not be embarrassed.)while others said that the Chinese media should indeed learn to show greater respect to others if they wished to be treated equally in turn.


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Peaceful Rise in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

Photo from riot over the weekend in China http://www.cryptome.org

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Idiot Chinese Olympian Eats Gold Medal

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

Some idiot athlete from China, who is so accustomed to tainted foods laced with heavy metals, mistook her gold medal for a dumpling and ate it whole.

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China-Supplier of Olympic KNockoff Nike Gear

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

WTF? Egypt got a handout from Nike for free olympic gear. The egyptians said they were so poor they were forced to buy Nike knockoffs from China, wtf?
How is it that China and the distributor were not sanctioned for selling the knockoffs? Read below and you will see that a chinese distributor sold the knockoff gear to egypt. If ever there were a case for china’s ipr violations and lack if progress towards WTO promises, this is it.


Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, the chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, has admitted that the members of the Egyptian team had been given fake Nike gear made in China due to his country’s tight finances. Nike solved the problem by donating genuine sportswear to the team, reports NBC News.

“We signed with a Chinese distributor in light of Egypt’s economic situation,” Ali said. Yomna Khallaf, one of the members of the Egyptian team, said her bags had a big Nike logo but the zippers had Adidas branding on them. She had to spend an additional US$300 of her own money to buy satisfactory gear.”



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Chinese Weightlifters Surprise London With a Gold

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

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China Scores Double Gold in Olympic Swimming

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

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Team China Scores Another Gold! You Won’t Believe This

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

China lobbied long and hard, but was able to get a new sport introduced into the London Olympics. Of course the communists came out and showed their mettle by wining gold , silver and bronze in the newest olympic event- “Kick a Tibetan Child in the Nuts”

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China Nails First Olympic Gold-Shooting Event

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2012

The chinese gold medal winner, named itchy scratchy, claimed that shooting at stationary targets is simple after leading a life dedicated to shooting harmless people groveling for their lives.

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Photo of Team China’s Womans Gymnasts Resting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2012

They are all 16, just ask uncle chicom.

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Shitty Chinese Army, Shitty Chinese Banks, Shitty Shitty China-china News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2012

Here is a killer post from Brewskie about The haps in China. My only comment is
that the chinese chicom duds ought to be thanking their leader satan that Brew lives in the USA. Imagine how much dirt the BrewMan would dig up if he lived here…..

From the Balla

LOL! So the only thing the PLA is good at is well-orchestrated military parades?

If the Beatles sang today, Jon would sing “China is a cha-cha-cha-changing, but she is a bre-bre-bre-breakin’ .” All the news that’s fit to print…

The harbinger canary in the economic coal mine? Tax revenues – they’re droppin’ in China.


Beijing mayor Guo Jinlong and vice-mayor Ji Lin. Guo’s fall on their swords in the wake of the flood; opportunity opens the flood gate for other ambitious/connected CCP cadres lookin’ to PR up Beijing’s deplorable failure of a sewer system. Come on: it took a Category 5 hurricane, the deadliest one to hit America since 1928 to devastate New Orleans; Chicago’s old, creaky antiquated sewage system was toppled by marauding rain during the Flood of ’93; – you seriously think your ready for the world stage if your capital city’s infrastructure under performs?


It’s been my observation when Chinese itch for mob-burning festivities, the CCP often blames foreign devils for their dilemma (get juggernauts like Apple to clean up their pollution, while native SOEs seamlessly continue to produce cancer victims as byproducts of mass-produced pollution. Do mobs burn factories of Changfeng, Dadi, Beijing Automobile Works, Xinkai, SAIC Motor, Jiangling, Sichuan Tengzhong for continuously, and ceaselessly, churning out fabricated cartons of crud that spits out more problems in their 1st year, than an American, German or Japanese auto 10 years old? Hell no. But German bad boy – vain, Vicodin-Viagra vanquishing VW (which I know are not the greatest autos compared to Japanese variants, often rank low in Consumer Reports’s long-term reliability surveys, but are still countless times better than Third World Chinese junk) – get read the riot act over “glitchy gear boxes.” WTF? In auto accidents, Chinese drivers frequently negotiate settlements, often not covering the full extent of damages on the spot minus police & insurance participation; why seek such full-force vendetta against well established automakers, with better products, over horrendous native boyz with horrendous not-so-funny cars?


China’s equivalent to AIG – “credit guarantee companies”? Read what’s afflicting Wenzhou this:

“Credit guarantee companies, as the name suggests, provide guarantees for borrowers. Private borrowers may not be able to borrow money from banks direct because they do not have government backings, or they do not have enough assets to demonstrate to the banks that they are credit-worthy. Thus credit guarantee companies come in at this point where they provide guarantee to banks after they have verified that the borrowers are good. In return, these companies collect fees from borrowers. If the borrowers default on its loans, the credit guarantee companies, of course, have to cover the losses for banks.

But it turns out that companies often ended up guaranteeing loans for each other.

A recent story from Caixin suggests that the practice of guaranteeing loans for each other is common in Zhejiang (and by the way, Wenzhou is a city in Zhejiang, where a lot of the shadow banking activities took place), where company A acted as a guarantor of company B, and some subsidiary of company B ended up acting as a guarantor for company A. If either of the company went bust, banks would be worried about the loans they made to other companies that were guaranteed by the company that has gone bust, so banks ended up calling loans for every company in the chain, and these companies might have guaranteed loans for more companies, so more companies are in trouble.

This is exactly what’s happened. Tianyu Construction Co. went bust early this year, and because of the complex web of connections where companies guaranteed loans for each other, a large number of companies have been affected by the bust of Tianyu Construction Co. According to Caixin’s report on 26 June, 62 companies are affected to a varying degree because of the bankruptcy of Tianyu.

Sources say 62 companies, from furniture makers to import-export traders, have been affected to varying extents by the collapse late last year of Hangzhou-based property developer Tianyu Construction Co. Ltd.

The companies were financially linked to Tianyu through a province-wide, reciprocal loan-guarantee network. Tianyu’s sudden failure raised the spectre of a domino effect of defaults taking down every network participant and devastating their lenders.”

Flat/lower power consumption, piling inventories of black mountains=crying-in-their-beer coal barons: prices have slumped 23% in the last two months.


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