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Photos of Chinese Massage Parlors or ‘What a Typical Business Trip to China Entails”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 7, 2012

These pics are from mop.com here. The photos show what Chinese ‘massage’ parlors or saunas consist of.

This is all part of China’s fight against misogyny and done for the betterment of the females in the land of grunge.After all, these are only ‘women’, which China has called ‘maggots in the rice’ and historically has executed upon birth. Thus, not only are they now allowed to live, but also permitted to be the plaything of some grunge tooth, dandruff headed Chinaman. In such places, the women line up like cattle and then the men choose them by number. After this, the woman does what the man commands.

Chinese entrepreneurs, aka communist party members, set up such shops of pleasure in order to earn a few dimes so that they can send their little one-child failure overseas so that he can buy a house. Then, when and if the collapse of China occurs, said Chinese entrepreneur can escape to the land of freedom while his comrades burn.

Ask your friendly Chinese neighbor how he earned enough cash to buy that new home or afford that expensive foreign degree. Keep in mind, however, that he or she will be prone to lie. After all, in the late 90s, a good wage in China was $50 per month. And in all reality China has only had real increase personal incomes in the past seven years.

So how do the communists achieve such affluence in such a short period of time? They steal the land from the poor, they extort money from the middle class, and they outright steal.

Oh yeah, for all the ladies out there. This is why your hubby has so many ‘pressing business engagements’ in China. Trust me on this one, if you do business in the land of phlegm and despair, then this is how you do it. You go to KTV’s and saunas, where for $40-200, you are treated like a king for a ‘single-shot’. I will let you figure out what this means.

Oh oh yeah, I wonder if Wal-mart purchasing agents get a group discount at these ‘pull palaces’ or if they have to pay the full fare.

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