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Why China Will Never Rule the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2012

They hate each other and constantly fight.

6 Responses to “Why China Will Never Rule the World”

  1. Any minor altercations happen at any part of the world. To project it as the behaviour of the entire country is foolishness. Can we judge American attitude based on this video of two fighting women–> http://youtu.be/_uduBrAf4bo ? To say China will never rule the world because of two silly men fighting over a trolley, is equally absurd as someone (wrongly) concluding US do not have any future, because of Colorado “Dark knight rises” shooting.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hmmm, not sure if you got my point. Let me explain my logic.
      In my video, a Chnaman is running off at the mouth and acting tough. When confronted by adversity, he shows his true colors and melts like butter, cowering like a twat. My hypothesis is that this behavior is not atypical of people from China, especially the men. I further assume that such behavior is not conducive to winning wars nor being a world power. The Cinese guy’s reaction is also consistent with what has been written about the Chinese army hundreds of years ago, they suck.
      In your video, which shows two women fighting, it would appear that you would agree with me rather than disagree. The logic behind this is that aggression, in a war or combat is good, thus if USA women are aggresive then they would be good at war. As war or the fear thereof is an integral part of world dominance, it would appear that you agree with me. Can you explain what I missed in your train of logic?

    • vanoc1 said

      Go fuck yourself you bitch. Fuck you and your big stinky China.

  2. vanoc1 said

    I love how there are other carts lined up, and the sincible thing to do would be oh I don’t know use them? Man oh man there is really something in the food and water in China.

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