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China Invests in Another White Elephant by Knocking of Hollywood

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 12, 2012

China is swimming in debt. This, however, does not stop them from investing in foolish projects. This foolish project is a Hollywood knockoff. The real reason for creating this, imho, is that the owners, who are communist scumbags, can use this opportunity to chase after up and coming chinese movie starlets….

Despite the fact that most production centers in the country are operating at a loss, a new studio for television and film productions is planned for the city of Wuxi in eastern China’s Jiangsu province involving investment of 10 billion yuan (US$1.57 billion). The project has been dubbed “Hualaiwu” — a Chinese transliteration of “Hollywood.”

The project has elicited suspicion from various parties, since 80% of domestic studios are in the red, according to a study by the Institute for Cultural Industries at Peking University.

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6 Responses to “China Invests in Another White Elephant by Knocking of Hollywood”

  1. Brewskie said

    Jay Leno once relayed, “If God meant us to vote, he’d given us candidates.” Who to choose, who to choose: Captain Crap Out the Capitulator, a proven wimp who willingly bends over backwards, ass wide open with begging hands to match it, to take another rumpus for “hope & change,” or “Big Biz Bain” Romney with uber-Ayn Rand acolyte – Paul Ryan, who salivates swamps of frothy saliva over military budget increases, even while he kicks gramps & grammy off Medicare. Decision 2012: two big, fresh piles of turds; choose carefully…!

    Let’s get distracted by turning to our favorite target, chicanery China.

    China’s rails get better & better: 12 lines are reported to have major safety issues. (If that’s reported, how bad are the rail really?)


    Further proof of impending slow down: dragging car sales.


    Given I know lots of shoddy construction workmanship, it’s no surprise businessmen are advised to stay at only the newest hotels, but this sets a new low: an entire family contracts, including a three-year-old boy, a STD during a Shanghai hotel stay.


    Optimistic China bulls: what about your predictions for a strengthening RMB? In response to a slacking economy, China may WEAKEN their currency. Just what we need with drought killing global crops!


    Where’s the 2nd half rebound the oracles of Wall Street foretasted? Kudos to sclerotic Europe and slowing US, China’s trade surplus expected to slim in August.


  2. Brewskie said

    You know what? I’m in the mood for seconds!

    The real “free market China” Jim Rogers needs to visit: Shenyang’s small businesses, particularly those without government connections, have closed shop to avoid “rent seeking” cops’ firing off fines.


    “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Chinese bystanders group around fallen elderly individual, and gawk like lazy tribesman in the middle of a hot day.


    Tiger mom/wolf dad parenting goes vogue: Chinese kindergarten teacher order 29 kids to punch a six-year-old girl 10 times each for talking during class.


    And what’s China without some fine infrastructure fails?

    A bridge collapse…


    With slack weight restriction, China’s overloaded trucks should beat China’s bad bridges and ruinous roads to bits in no time like this guy: driver hauling 110 tones gets fined $25 million for causing bridge collapse.


    The floods have exposed flaws in Beijing’s sewage system.


    And finally, cracks in tunnels for high-speed trains are cropping up; some tunnels come minus without steel reinforcement!


  3. Brewskie said

    Lots and lots of good food for you today – broken up into two parts.

  4. vanoc1 said

    Eeeeee another Vanoc-Gowron word that I’ve used, that’s being adopted here, white elephants, fuck you China, piss skins, street shitters, and the big stinky…. Vanocnglish is really picking up, a new dialect of China? Fuck you China…. fuck you, disapointed that Vinegar cunt, and vinegar scented tramps didn’t make this new language. oh well. Thanks this encourages me. That people are reading my stuff.

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