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Donating Blood, Tibetan Problems and Typhoons

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2012

The King has something to say…
All Rise
a LONGGGGG WAY TO GO until I hit 100…. But I will reach this goal. But it feels good to try and rebuild my life again before the stinky times…. China got only 1 measily donation, with hong kong 3……. so ultimatly I donated 60 times or 180 people….(minus 3 if you count Shanghai. Why bother, that assface is just going to get shanked again. or Shank someone else). At least in Hong Kong, they’re educated and can occasionally contribute to the world at large (as soul searching the Hong Kongers are (the polite term), they are frequently able to do SOME good…. But Shanghai…. not a chance in hell I saved anyone. even if they did survive some life threatening emergency…. I only prolonged

Pizza hut forces a retarded bumpkin deliveryboy to deliver and is killed in a typhoon.

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