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Linfen, China- World Leader in Pollution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2012

China’s industrialization has left the world gasping for o2. Here is an example of what that means in China.

The city of Linfen in the Shanxi province is the heart of China’s coal industry. Because of China’s rapid industrialization, Linfen, China acquires coal for its coke, iron and steel factories for Australia. Many of these factories are iilegal. Coal is the largest greenhouse emitter in the world and forces Linfen and other cities in China to be more reliant on agriculture imports and they become hindered to maintain food exports.

Scientists in California say that these plants and factories are degrading the air quality along the west coast of the United States. With the increase of the industrialization growth of Linfen, the air pollution is being blown across the Pacific Ocean to the coast of North America. The pollutants are carried by the jet stream and can reach the U.S. in days. Some estimate that 25 percent of California’s air pollution comes from China alone.
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