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Chinese Riot

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2012

This was a riot that took place a few weeks ago. Things are getting wicked in China now….

4 Responses to “Chinese Riot”

  1. vanoc1 said

    Meh nothing will happen, the Chinese are too lethargic to do anything, and the Chinese are too sociopathic (neurotically selfish to do anything outside of their socio-economic biocircles. (I’m going through my old doctor intellectual bullshit college notes). Translation the Chinese are stinky beats who shit in the streets and let little innocent elderly die of injuries from traffic accidents, and or their children. (To a lesser extent so are Hong Kongers… BUT to the credit of the Hongies, at least they go to church. (God I hate Chinese churches, so insular. Churches were meant to be world wide, ecumenical, a place of healing on Sundays where really gross people (metaphorical scars, and wretched human mutant zombies go to be rejuvenated into young sexy young adults (heavenly sanctified bodie, or at least in spirit anyways…. It’s like a rusted old car battery, that you fix by scrubbing the terminals with baking soda, and volia it works, or replacing but eventually the mechanics give up the ghost, and then the car is melted down, to a newer badder model). All these overhauls is expensive at the cost of one drop of God’s blood. The only condition is you accept the “payment and workmanship from the greatest craft’sman in the universe, is that you DON’T deliberately try to run people over, at least on purpose…. The Chinese are unable to do this, as often just a youtube search for Chinese driving will indicate yes indeed the Chinese will take their vehicles (lives, bodies, existential realities, and make a complete trainwreck, or worse a highway mosh pit of things). How this relates to China actually changing in the future, they won’t. They are incapable…… if a bunch of children being shanked, (24 of them or so 8 per 3 incidences) blown up, murdering each other (like those kids in rural china that murdered each other for simple “teasing”), or even run over multiple times (a boy and a girl). If children being eaten by demon possessed mechanical demons (elevators and esclelators that somehow like Skynet from Terminator… develops freewill and hates having shit covered stinky Chinese shoes step on them all this time (a prejorative for smelly vagina is often called a stinky shoe… so the street shitters DO have a sense of smell after all, could have fooled me, as their vinegar scented girls go about).

    I’m just glad that occasionally their offspring do mutate a brain neuron stem that connects to an atrophic nerve containing the conscience. (It worked for me. I actually give a shit about the world, and the Chinese (as distasteful it is to admit that). Remember the old adage….. being angry very very angry is a GOOD thing….. it means you care. The Chinese love to bend like grass and let the emperiors of old shove it in. (despite all their Klingonesque operas of heavenly Warriors jumping up and down with spears, smashing shit up). Where as China’s neighbors are building church and temples (any religion), trying to improve their countries. Like homeless volunteers of Americanada, trying to convince people to stay alive, finding the help they need… Or even putting up with underfunded salaries trying to convince troubled youth to pursue better things in life. In America you’re either a freedom loving red blooded bastard who gives a damn about your country and your neighbors…. or you’re just a shit vilian outlaw, who deserves to be bummed in jail. (but the good thing about Canmerica, there are volunteers who will visit you in jail and try to help you cope and help you reintegrate with society). I’m Chinese Canadian I want to do these things. As for my peers who are infinitely richer than I am by now, have kids who are probably IB material. Keep up the good work donating money to foundations that we volunteers use to fight evil. See you ARE doing SOME good. lol.

  2. Edgar said

    What ever they destroy are just knock-offs they made themselves. No loss. . .

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