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Crazy Chinese Mob Goes after Foreigner in Henan-Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2012

Right now things are crazy in China. The next dictator has yet to be put in power and tensions are high.

This video speaks to those tensions. The guy in the vid supposedly spit on and slapped a woman, if he did so, then he made a foolish decision and deserves punishment. But, no one knows if this is true. The only witness is a Chinese, who may have been a friend of the woman, for all we know.

The upshot is that Chinese are so tightly wound that they are just looking for a way to strike out against anyone. Ey cannot protest against their leaders and feel frustrated.

2 Responses to “Crazy Chinese Mob Goes after Foreigner in Henan-Video”

  1. vanoc1 said

    Some poster named Dragon King wrote this I can smell “dragon King’s” loggy shit wafting through the screen, as he typed this. Godddd the memories… the memories…. I’m having Vietnam Flash backs. Charlies in the Trees Charlies in the Trees, Foxtrot Tango, Delta Delta Charlie………
    Fuck Caucasian men. All of us Chinese overseas and mainland must unite. Westerners are trying to take over china. They’re fucking asshole


    my response to the “king”. Please don’t speak for me, an overseas Chinese. (I thank the polite Christian children, saying hello to me, or good morning as I go to church for rehumanizing me)… I could have commented on his effiminate Fen-fen (Fen-Qing aka young Chinese warriors) Fru-fru downy frabric softener toughness.

    My commentaries: The stupid vinegar scented teenager (you know those ones that are falling apart, shoe-tougues shished in, and the heel all stomped on because young people are in such a hurry to get them off) shoe scented bitch deserved it. She ran into him with a electrobike.

    Lol at the shirtless fag at :20…..

    At 3:09 you can see one of those ogres pick his nose too (the one with the hair like a wirebrush (I honestly haven’t seen those “bowl haired Chinese before” They either come in the onion (yellow scalp) with floopy onion skin like come overs, they either come in the floppy hair the (“boy” in the black tank top 1:10) (more floppier that the stamp “che guevara” like stampings of Li Feng, (he wears one of those floppy dog eared winter hats), they either come in the the Blond surfer, or they come in the Cue ball-bowling ball), or they come with fuzzy fuzz or wirebrush (the loud mouth at 4:30)… Goddamit I hate Chinese hair styles…

    – Loved how they all chanted the typical Chinese warcry “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”….

    Like hard working Chinese-Americanadians, are very very embaressed by these, stinky ogres. The first thing my mom said when I took my clothes and personal effects out of the suit case was. “C” through those clothes away, burn them, my wallet still smells like Shanghai (but the at least the wafting is almost gone. my regular Calgarian sweat (just water, smells infinite times better… The food WILL poison you people, (should you want to ignore my warnings, you will start to REALLY stink like Sour Acidic 1 battery acid (it’s the Vinegar they use, everything is CHO (vinegar), it’s the second hand smoke, it’s the smell of unclean water you wash your clothes with, shower, and drink with. Like Chinese in Singapore, Mayalsia, and elsewhere in the diasporia. HAVE 0.000000000000000% NOTHING to do WANT nothing to do with these beasts. We want to be hard working Americans, Aussies, Canucks, English, Singaporians, Mayalsians, We escaped the big Stinky 200 -present years ago. Or genetics have evolved thanks to clean air, and clean water, and clean living. And we’re embarrassed by these beasts. And this young Chinese knight “Dragonking” thinks we’re going to unite? That we even have anything remotely in common with China?

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