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French Foreign Legion, CanAmericans and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 20, 2012

Insight from The King…

I especially love how CHINESE expats from Canmerica, were called “Laowai”, but in Canmerica FOB savages call us Chinese Canmericans…… Laowai, and expect us to speak their stinky gibberish. (Especial in Hong Cover….. where visible minorities ie blacks or latinos were called Gwailos (or my nanny used to call my protuguese bud). Excuse me poo poo- (grandma Im not sure how to angligazie pao-pao? paul paul? Chinese names sound all alike to me (like that handicapped person who has to say something and studder twice), neverless, paul paul…. My friend is a CANADIAN citizen, he was born here in Quebebec (I live in Alberta. maybe….. lol that was what she was getting at. Quebecers are from a different planet, (the AWESOME planet…. God Ungava Penusular, was BEAUTIFUL… (we Albertans once went on a immersion to the “other Canada”. to a small village founded by ancient Arcadian (Cajun) farmer ninjas who first settled here (like Quebec was the ground zero for colonization for the New World…) anyways. like my friend was called Gwai jay (Foreign boy)? Well now you and your family are the zero generation (the original immigrants) Hong Kongers to Canada. I’m the bonified Canadian born here, so was my friend. YOU’RE the foreigner. And we welcome you as a Canadian not as a Laowai foreign organism, virus…. Foreigners is what makes Canada so awesome, from the Dandilions in our yards (crazy plants when consumed increase health SERIOUS, however eons of spraying Weedex on it. has mutated them (especially in Calgary, lots of strange weeds especially a man made mutant one Canolia, which has mutated out of control especially within city limits (as Calgary suburbs grow, especially with the influx of the yellow bastards…. hey I’m not one of them remember? I’m a “LAOWAI” savage barbarian aiming to rape pure Chinese virgins and oh le’ts just blame it on Japan shall we. Japan Japan blah blah blah bombings, blah blah blah shrines, blah blah blah, laowais, blah blah blah French Concession blah blah occupation blah blah unit 731′s unexploded chem bombs blah blah blah, compensation blah blah blah, comfort girls blah blah blah.

But no I’m Canadian, the same system that valued my parents and relatives as hard working immergrants starting life on a new part of the planet, paid off dividends to the country (or I did anyways, saved over 130 Calgarian lives, 3 Edmontonian and 3 Vancouverites (well considering if the emergency healing operations were successful, with Canada’s modernized healthcare (American machinery yayee G.E.), I seek to do leadership courses so I can help Calgary grow. Now the really crazy thing is I never much had a home of permenant in Canada. (I’m orginally a LAOWAI, from the East! because in the 70′s and 80′s most jobs there in the science field (a combination of both Liberal AND PC leadership changed that, and upgraded Canadian science, we are no where close to the wizards of America, but still manage to do well We’re still a young country, only 80 years ago much of Alberta was wood…. actually very similar to China (huts, and telephone wires, but rapid expansion, in the post war somehow managed to beam in these cities in the middle of fields, it’s very simiar to the Midwest America, very rural, very forest…. ) so there wasn’t much jobs in Canada then and it was very common and still is for the “Go West” isms as Edmonton and Calgary turned into a mecca pilgrimage. I’m gone two years in the big stinky and already trying to adapt to a new Calgary…. (obviously America attracts more immergrants, especially from the big stinky), but Canada has a fair growth. anyways. Like most to Calgary or Edmonton, (especially from other cities usually Winnipeg (as there is a huge Ukraniaian demographic), settle there. So you see I will always be a Laowai. A cowboy Clint Eastwood roaming rojin rogue….

And I wonder if in another time line I managed to sneak away to France to join the Legion and be stationed in Afganistan right now, had I not gone to the big stinky……

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