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China Bans ‘Dangerous’ Aussie Made Baby Formula-WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2012

File this under ‘you stupid freaking morons’.

This site claims that “Baby formula milk powder manufactured by the Australian branch of US-based food giant Heinz has been blacklisted by China’s top quality watchdog for not meeting safety standards”

It further says that this ‘hazardous baby formula’ has excess amounts of vitamin b2 which may ” lead to itching, numbness”

Hmm. so the ever vigilant Chinese have chased down and banned a milk that has an excessive amount of a vitamin, which should in and of itself not be such a bad thing. After all, a little itching may be bothersome , but not deadly. I can see the strategic genius of investing tons of man hours combing over foreign made milk products instead of the high quality Chinese fare. The sluethful communists know that lurking in those innocent looking tubs of foreign milk lie untold horrors. Excess this, excess that, maybe short a vitamin here, maybe long a protein there. Evil barbaric foreigners!

But perhaps uncle chicom knows best. Maybe their time should be spent chasing down over vitamined foreign baby powder instead of busting gutter oil rings, or maybe even taking a crack at stopping those guys from dyeing meat gray and selling it as pork, and if that is asking too much then maybe, just maybe they could try and round up that Chjinese made milk powder that has poison knowingly introduced into it and then sold to bazillions of innocent children.

Congrats uncle Chicom, on a job well done.

2 Responses to “China Bans ‘Dangerous’ Aussie Made Baby Formula-WTF”

  1. John said

    Possibe reason is the dwindling number of kids (consumers)and simply trying to protect their own producers.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks John, I would agree. I do not know if it is a ‘pride thing’ ie, to say to the Chinese ‘hey look, foreigners also have quality issues’ or it is just outright protectionism.

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