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China’s Thong – Booty Shake Contest

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2012

Here are vids of ‘sexy Chinese’ dancers. Is it just me or do the people from China have no rhythm whatsoever?



5 Responses to “China’s Thong – Booty Shake Contest”

  1. yoyo said

    Dancing chinese prostitutes. The dancers represent China.

  2. vanoc1 said

    Check out rythemless taser like dancing here…. complete with effiminate boys and ogresses, flaiiling their arms around like an austic little Chinese princeling demaning his meds… ice cream…..

    • wtdevflnt said

      Yeah and what about her skanky camel toe. Looks like a dude.

      • vanoc1 said

        all Chinese girls look like dudes, the testostrone and Besphemol A, and cancerous goo in Baygan incense, clothes, and soap (hell Chinese soap smells like MATCHES), and just the paint they use when the fresly do renovations (a cheap quick job), smells like really brain melting radioactive shit. What happens is these toxins enter the body, through scent, absorbtion (ie matches soap), shampoo, food, and not only does it fuck up our brains, but these really screw up the Endocrine (not to mention give us cancer and horrific mutations, but in this case Endrocrine damage)…. and this is why Chinese gir,,,,,,, oh fuck you China….. stop wasting my time big stinky…. I’m trying to look up leadership programs, find a job, and be molded into a political do gooder.. You know those dads and husbands at church that does weird shit in the neighborhood, somehow runs on E, with a busted up back, has a basement full of muddy boots and other shit to be a productive neighbor (ummm the guy at church with a truck, and volunteers for scouts and who helps with church healing retreats (because he has a truck, and moves massive capital materials in the neighborhood’s fight ).

        ummmm Mr Griswald… from National Lampoon’s family movies…. Griswald…..

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