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Hot News, Chinese Cops Catch Serial Killer..oh wait a sec, Shit They Got the Wrong Guy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2012

Chinese cops are known for a lot of things. They are good at running from adversity, lounging around and showering public walls with their urine. But just the other day those lauded men in black and blue took time off from shaking down street vendors to actually chase down a real criminal. No, not a communist party member, but some other guy who killed a bunch of people.

It was reported that these noble Chinese cops killed a mass murderer from Chonqing, and no it was not Bo Xilai nor Gu Kailai, they both murdered in other areas as well-allegedly.

Anyway the chciom cops aka trick willies, said they killed the murderer. Now we find out that the man whose brains they splattered all over the pavement was not that cold blooded killer, but just some normal Chinese guy…..oopssssssss.

Sometimes the Chinese are so pitiful that you want to pick them up and hug them just like an old pos plush toy you used when you were four.

“Zhou Kehua, a fugitive serial armed robber and murderer who was supposedly shot dead by police in Chongqing on Aug. 14, has been reported alive and on the loose, according to the Chinese-language newspaper Beijing News.”

5 Responses to “Hot News, Chinese Cops Catch Serial Killer..oh wait a sec, Shit They Got the Wrong Guy”

  1. vanoc1 said

    Euthanaiza? as sick as this sounds… I’m glad this happened. The poor man is put out of his misery….. however, he contributed greatly to these affairs, by being a street shitting fuck fuck.

  2. vanoc1 said

    hehehehe I think they killed one of their own guys. In video games, I often kill my own team This is called griefing, a form of cyberbullying, harmless cheeky fun. It was especially therapudic in the big stinky, as most Chinese kids can’t afford gaming, but it’s their only recreation. There simply are no parks playgrounds (it’s not like suburbia, where there are playgrounds everywhere (frequented by children wishing to get high, lol or mysterious vans waiting to suckle out young ones in sacks bound for guess where?? SHANGHAI and else where the street shitting beasts have plopped onto in the world. (ummm just download Kane and Lynch Dog days),,, anyhoo. It’s very therapudic to kill your own team, and once I get back on line with Warstarcraft, I’m going to really really fuck up those little bastards. So much that I cause a a stabbing fit… Perhaps the older brother freaks out and goes to school and melees all his classmates in a vain attempt to kill the one who is responsible for ruining his only escape from this harsh vibed reality he lives in, of blood curling war cries of Japanese samurais in Nakking on the tele, night after night robbing him of precious “study” time I mean sleep time. Fuck you China…… fuck you very very much.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Me too and reblogged it King. Hows it feel to be free again?

      • vanoc1 said

        Very surreal…. It’s like I’m on one of those philosophic planets from Star Trek, you know with the trippy arhitecture, and out of this world fauna… and sublime monk and nun (or ones who can have sex and be parents) like planet…. Like not having the heart attack inducing car honking (fuck in China you are waiting for the light before walking and some fucking savage STILL honks his horn, yes yes you stinky drama king Han… i know you’re there’ you’re THAT ugly, it’s hard not to mistake your perma-eyelash V, and ugly I am taking a shit frown (of extreme concentration as you take a dump, Chinese people look like this all the time). Like even in your apartment you either hear some retarded commotion, or something as such, car honking, accident, you hear the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (note hold this note for at least a minimum of one whole hour (same driver)…. Not having to smell my own feces as the plumbling is not interconnected or what not. (or the sweage workers who dredge up that black tar like shit slurry, in the broad busy afternoon during early summer and spring…. I can only imagine a Zombified city full of zombie bodies in the dead of summer in a major metropolis can even equate to that scent. Not having to show my ID for the internet cafes is a good plus, being able to ha ha read EPOCH TIMES (the anti Chinese news paper)..

        Like people actually say hi, hello, good morning, like this cute kid says hello to me, awwwww. (I was stopping off at my old church, during summer hours to restart the system again).

        and having the zealous drive to find ways to train myself, for the responsibilities of being a responsible but lovable person. ( I was that nerdy scout, that actually wanted to do what was in the scout book, instead of talk about some chick at school who mysteriously grew “bigger” that Summer (we were like what 13ish), Well somebody has the drive the guys home right… I’m “ride guy”. And I seem to be getting positive reviews, from my old volunteering places that I can get back into. Like I can’t wait to get a place of my own so I can use it as a bat cave to help shape Calgary, and the worlds that Calgary will touch…. (humanity is interconnecting, China can’t understand this, that the world can and WILL do without her… like Veronica “rich bitch” Lodge from Archies comics….

        Like the first thing I did on Facebook was change my face to the old photo of my elections worker ID…., and contact the Liberal Party of Canada for an application for party membership, and look up all the leadership programs it had to offer. Hey the big stinky just said “join the party”.. (a big stinky’s hymn or one of their stupid hymns). It didn’t mention….. which kind of party….. (translation China, fuck you… your Celestrial center of the universal highless)…. It’s good to be back home doing shit again. Instead of waste two years living in the big stinky… I’m going to do a double major in social work- and psychologly, and provide assistance and healing and other merciful things that Canadians value. The world deserves….

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