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Psst, China Lost 80 Tons of Gold!! Don’t Tell Anyone

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 23, 2012

Check this out.” China’s central bank has denied allegations that 80 tons of gold reserves from the national treasury have gone missing, ” from here http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?id=20120823000108&cid=1102

This loss deserves full bodied expletives. Holfy Fucking shit! China lost 80 tons of gold. At today’s rate one pound of gold is worth about $27,000. And one ton of gold would be worth $59 million bucks. This means that the ‘lost gold’ is worth about $4.5 billion dollars. And to make matters worse, that amount of gold is roughly equal to 8% of all China’s gold reserves.

My take
1-stupid asses
2-stupid theives
3-can anyone say, “China’s got a few new millionaires”
4-looks like we will all be getting some new Chinese neighbors/theives 5-looks like a lot more junior chicoms wil be studying in the USA
6- looks like China does not have to devalue thier currency, some theiving commies did it to them 7-karma is a bitch

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