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Killing One’s Mom, Lead Poisoning and Tobacco in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 29, 2012

Voldemort (Charlatan Heavenly Chinese Angel doctor) convinces 3 GROW idiots to beat and burn their mother, because she’s a demon…


THREE brothers in a remote village in south China’s Hainan Province helped burn their mother to death after a man claiming to be a wizard told them the 61-year-old was a demon who had killed seven people.

Gao Yongchuan, a self-proclaimed “legendary doctor subordinate to the Jade Emperor, Taoist ruler of heaven,” was asked by Chen Zuoshan’s youngest son, Hu Wensheng, to treat his mother’s painful joints on June 8.

Gao, 27, said a ghost living in Chen’s body had triggered her disease and force-fed her a quantity of distilled liquor, to which was added the blood of pigs, chicken and dogs, in order to “have her spit out the ghost.”

But when the woman fell into a coma because of the alcohol Gao told his two followers and Chen’s three sons to use sticks to strike her on her head and body for three hours and then burn her body in a cemetery, yesterday’s Nanguo Metropolis Daily reported.

“We all deeply believed in his words,” Hu said. “My mother didn’t bleed from her head wounds and didn’t vomit after having so much alcohol. Gao said only a ghost could perform like this.”

Gao said Chen would “climb out if she was just buried” and had to be burned, the paper said.

During the beating, Chen’s daughter and several other relatives cheered Gao on, calling for him to “kill the demon.”

Gao, his followers – his 39-year-old brother, Gao Yongming, and Zhou Fudong, 26, Chen’s son-in-law – and the brothers, Hu Wenyue, 36, Hu Wenjin, 29, and Hu Wensheng, 27, are charged with murder.


The RMB is even more worthless, in light of new Ah fuck it….. Fuck you China…. I could have been done all this work NOW and on my way building up Alberta and Calgary…. Fuck you.


China is desperate for jobs, that they employ unemployable idiots to issue fines as casual traffic enforcers. (excellent… excellent China is not reverting to pre 1990’s stagnation.


not only is China, unable to rule the world as the center of the universe in the middle kingdom…. The big stinky is Shrinking…. Fuck you China. See you next month! Shrink more…. Shrink more!


Lead makes chinese children even MORE retarded.

Cash strapped big stinky needs more revenue in coffers, whitewashes smokes among young people.


A tobacco-themed museum in Shanghai is being blamed for enticing children to light up by ignoring the health risks linked to smoking.

City officials are now re-examining a recent decision to award the China Tobacco Museum the title of “Patriotic Education Base” and earlier award of “Science Education Base” and “Model Unit for Shanghai Juveniles’ Moral Education,” yesterday’s Legal Evening News reported.

The titles sparked controversy among most participants at a symposium held in Beijing on Tuesday. Many tobacco-control experts said their research showed the museum was leading young people to have a positive view of smoking.

The museum on Yangpu District’s Changyang Road is often visited by primary and secondary school students, health experts said. They were critical of its recommendation as a science and patriotic education base for schoolchildren.

Research released last week by Shanghai’s Fudan University found that among 59 university students it organized to tour the tobacco industry-sponsored museum, less than half considered smoking “very harmful” after their visit. That compared to 83 percent who held that view beforehand.

The percentage of interviewees who insisted they would not start smoking also fell to 75 percent from 82 percent after the museum visit, the research found.

Also, more people bought the tobacco industry’s “low tar is low risk” theory after a visit to the museum.

During the visit, few tobacco-related health risks were mentioned and neither were China’s tobacco control efforts.

“As university students responded this way, the impact on primary and secondary schoolchildren is tremendous,” said Zheng Pinpin, deputy head of Fudan’s public health department and lead organizer of the research.

Zheng said more than half of the visitors believed the tobacco industry was good for economic development after their visit.

Wu Yiqun, executive vice director of the anti-smoking advocacy group, Thinktank Research Center for Health Development, said the museum ignored the fact that more than a million people die of diseases related to smoking around the country each year, Xinhua news agency reported.

Wu said the museum boasted about tobacco companies’ contribution to economic growth and state fiscal income while skipping information about deaths caused by smoking and the habit’s huge burden on the country’s medical system.

China has more than 300 million smokers, the world’s largest number.

According to China’s Ministry of Health, there are at least 69 carcinogenic substances in a cigarette and tobacco consumption killed roughly 1 million people a year. That will rise to 3 million by 2050 if the trend to smoke is not stopped, the ministry has warned.

“How can a museum have a say on patriotism if it promotes a product that kills 1 million people a year in this country?” Wu said.

An official surnamed Suo with the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control said they had contacted government departments in Shanghai asking them to cancel the titles.

“So far, we are still communicating with Shanghai authorities and waiting for their replies over the matter,” said Suo.

Shanghai officials told the Legal Evening News that they would look into the titles and issue a decision soon.

Museum officials told the newspaper it was awarded its latest title because it told how tobacco industry workers fought bravely during wartime.


Cash strapped big stinky gangsters begin nickle and diming businesses especially the accursed Laowai bastards who caused this problem…. That’s right China keep blaming others for your stupidity…. you’re not going to boost up your PMI and GDP any sooner. See you fags next month.

2 Responses to “Killing One’s Mom, Lead Poisoning and Tobacco in China”

  1. vanoc1 said

    What pisses me off the most is that, if I never went to the big Stinky, I would have been a few ticks closer to the necessary 1.21 Giggawatts of electr……. I mean 3.75 Min GPA needed for establishing a Golden Key Honour Society chapter at my university, paving the way for nerdy students (I’m more of an Edison Nerd, just hard work….. other nerds are like Tesla gifted cyborgs. That’s why Chinese IB students (the ones from Canmerica, get IB, is because of hard work, (and psychotic tiger mothers who will eat them as cubs if they don’t obey). ANY hoomon can get good grades. You just have to work at it. I’m just a few ticks shy of this goal. But what pisses me off is I lost two years worth of production in the big stinky. Listening to car alarms, growling grunts, looking at growling grunts, and waiting in line for hours as these growling grunts argue for EVER last Womao (a 50 commie cents. worth .0035 of a USD not even a full penny, and these beasts will MURDER over it. I see it, Everytime you go to a Carreyfour (a ‘Civilized’ market where so called Laowai humans shop for food, you’ll always see one form of fist fight or another). And they’re arguing frantically waving a cupon pointing at the fine print or what not as if it were scientific break through evidence of some awesome technological advancement. (God I hope they invent the time warp, so I can go back in time to off the first Big stinkress. Of course I’d slowly vanish like Marty did on Back to the Future…. but who gives a damn. Nothing can erase the memories of the bog of eternal stench…… (I showed you guys a video of this big yeti beast moaning “smellll smellll smellll smelllls smell bad smell bad smelll smelll bad…..etc” (Ludo the yeti is referring to that… or he just took one paw print out of Tibet into the big stinky…..

    Look here people. I’m TRYING to save you… I ‘m trying to save you from these traumas, this unforgettable stench, and the memories that correspond to these smells. I want you to go to better places for your Expating adventures. Why not go to Brazil. people LOOK GOOD half undressed there. people look BAD half undressed here…… I’m trying to save your eyes.

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