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Irresponsible Chinese Cause Closure of UK International Program

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 31, 2012

Chinese fuk up everything they are involved in. This is a case of a foolhardy UK school and idiotic Chinese students. The worthless Chinese did not attend classes once they had a visa, and the school did not report them. Also they allowed ignorant Chinese with shitty to no English skills to attend the school.Deport the Chinese losers.
I wish American unis would do this as well.


More than 600 Chinese students may face deportation from Britain if they fail to transfer to others schools within 60 days after the license of London Metropolitan University to recruit non-EU foreign students was revoked by the UK Border Agency.

The agency suspended the school from enrolling students from non-EU countries six weeks ago and requested it to submit an improvement plan, otherwise its foreign students would have to transfer to other schools in two months or leave the country. New students have been banned from registering. The school’s Highly Trusted Status was officially revoked by the agency on Wednesday, affecting around 3,000 non-EU students at the school, according to state-owned China News Service.

The university is said to have allowed its international students to continue their studies without a valid visa despite having promised not to do so. Some of the students did not register with the school or attend classes after entering the UK with a visa issued on the university’s offer of a place, and the school failed to report them. It also did not check whether its international students have sufficient English language proficiency when enrolling them, according to Chinese media reports.

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