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Communist Locusts Flock To USA -74% Commie Kids US Visa

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2013

It has been reported that 74.5% of Chinese Ministerial level officials kids have USA green cards. What this means is that the ignorant and semi useless douchebags who run China have shipped off their progeny to civilization which means we are now forced to deal with them.

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Apple Store in China-Knockoff

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2013

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Insane Chinese Communists Compare Themselves to God

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2013

The Chinese communist party is scary crazy. They grew up during a time when killing and torture were the norm. Rather than making them badasses, it made them soulless louts. Fr proof of that one only need to look at guys like Hu ‘the Butcher’ Jintao, grandtheft Wen Jiabao, who sold out Zhao Zhiyang during the Tienanman massacre, and guys like Bo Xilai.

They are all dirty and so is Xi the current thug. Xi jas gotten a reprieve from the press even though he is married to a military puffer girl who crooned for the commies who had killed at Tiananman. Now this commie thug has said that China’s belief in the communist party is like our belief in god. Actually, as crazy as the normal Chinese acts, xi is probably right.

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Anti-USA Posters from China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2013

The chicoms are utterly jealous of the west and the USA that they attack us mercilessly. It is a blow to their psyche that they suck and will always suck. They are like the ugly and semi-psychotic chick in class who always wanted what the hot blonde hat but could never get it, so she developed magic potions and vodoo dolls in order to harm the hottie. Of course she never did anything but waste her own time.

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Death, Stupidity and Suffering in China- China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2013

There is a saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes. I would like to amend this to say ‘nothing is certain but death, taxes and stupidity in China’.

Here is the China news ‘King-style’

From The King


Like seriously, me studying my death list, all this was shocking in 2010-2012. But now it’s just so yiiiii. lol. Like just another day in China. ATM teenagers getting shanked, shanking over internet, rich teenagers shanking peasants, thugish workers throwing TNT at each other……. lol. It’s just so surreal. that it’s actually mind numbing ly borring, and that you know the next “SHOCKING” thing that really happens in China has got to be a real loo-loo…… because even these bizarre ways to die in China (American tourist shanked at the Forbidden city), or being run over by a government official when you’re 2, or suiciding yourself because you were an excellent student but your brain dead teacher revokes your Party youth pioneer membership because you have a boyfriend…….
Yes the next crazy death in China is going to be REALLY freaky. (oh I don’t know say the 3 gorges dam exploding?) China is such a country where family members blow each other up on the holidays (that dude who made the bomb killing 8), China is such a country where students kill each other for SNORING
or a rash of rat poisonings in the early 2000s…. yes sir my death list is very colourful…. 88 Haitian babies died, an American young man was burnt to death with a lighter. Foxx Conn factories blow up, and where work really kills you (suicide). Or where peaceful clergy burn themselves..
china your deaths are boring me. I need more colorful for my paper…. Your usual carnage and mayhem just isn’t cutting it anymore….
PS CHINA fuck you

Rich Prince’s hunting dogs kill someone. While the police who had guns could have shot them……. It’ going to be a pleasure when my ships (navy reserve), blow the fuck out of your “Subs” China..
my death list goes up by one :_C

Wow. Laowais helping Chinese? But but but. I though that ALL Laowais were rapist barbarians trying to destroy the Chinese? I’m sooooo confused. o-O. Lol

ABOUT 100 expatriates living in Shanghai donated blood yesterday to mark World Blood Donor Day.

Shanghai Blood Administration officials said foreigners helped boost the amount of certain blood types often in short supply. Zhu Yueguo, director of the Shanghai Blood Administration Office, said 1,300 expats donate blood in Shanghai on average every year.

Type A, O and the rare Rh negative blood are more common among Europeans and Americans, thus donations from foreigners are much appreciated as it helps meet demand for blood transfusions in the city, Zhu said.

“Love transcends borders and expatriates display their feelings for the city and its people this way,” Zhu said.

Most expat blood donors have lived in the city for years and many said it was the first time they donated blood.

An expat from Kazakhstan who identified herself as Zinara said she has been living in Shanghai for four years and learned from friends about the donation event. “It’s a good feeling to donate blood,” she said.

It was also the first time so many expatriates donated blood on the same day in the city.

“I think it is really great to share some blood, and you can help people in case someone needs it,” said Zinara. She donated blood at Oriental Land, one of many spots across the city accepting blood donations yesterday.

These expats donated blood in response to a call from a Brazilian who asked to be identified as Tina. The event was called “love without borders.”

“There is no country or ethnic boundary in blood donation, and for us, Shanghai is our second hometown,” Tina said.

Zhu said in a metropolis like Shanghai, the donation rate should reach at least 2 percent of the population to satisfy demand for blood.

“The current rate is less than 1.5 percent, and the gap is still very big,” Zhu said.

“We hope more people, particularly youngsters, will join the group of blood donors,” he said.

The rate of Rh negative blood among foreigners is 10 to 15 percent, compared with three or four per thousand in Han Chinese, Zhu said


The vandal of classical Egyptian art is a retarded little faggot from Nanjing…. But I guess we can blame this on the Japanese rape of Nanjing…. We always do.
Tofu designed machine kills young man. Death list goes up by one :_C


A 23-year-old waiter was crushed by a falling food elevator in a restaurant in Suzhou on Saturday, today’s Yangtze Evening News reported.

The food elevator smashed his head as he poked his head into the shaft to check. He was jammed in the gap and people around him called the police immediately. The waiter was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Preliminary investigation showed that it was a broken cable that resulted in the collapse of the elevator.

Xing Dongsheng, an official with the Suzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said the food elevator was installed by the restaurant owner and had never been examined or serviced.

The restaurant has been closed as authorities are investigating the accident.

More genocidal violence in Ughrystan. 5 die (3 Uyghrs 2 Hans)

Deadly clashes between Han Chinese and Uyghurs broke out over the weekend in western China’s restive Xinjiang region, according to local residents and officials, who said authorities were strictly controlling information about the incident.

A local resident speaking on condition of anonymity said Saturday’s clash at the local bazaar in the town of Kargilik (in Chinese, Yecheng) in Xinjiang’s Kashgar prefecture left five people dead—three of them Uyghurs and two Han Chinese—and others wounded.

Local officials contacted by RFA could not confirm the number of those killed or injured, but said a violent incident had occurred at the bazaar and enhanced security measures had been put in place in response.

The clash came a month after Xinjiang’s worst violence in four years left 23 dead in Kashgar’s Maralbeshi (Bachu) county, and follows a February 2012 knife attack in Kargilik that killed at least a dozen people.

Local residents said the clash had broken out before noon on Saturday but could not give details about how the casualties were caused.

The owner of a restaurant in the bazaar said had he witnessed two people wounded in the incident being taken to the hospital.

“I saw two of the injured taken to the country hospital, and later heard one of them died,” he told RFA’s Uyghur Service, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Staff at the county hospital contacted by RFA said they had been told by officials not to disclose any information about those treated in the aftermath of the incident.

An employee at Yecheng Xianwei Hotel located near the bazaar said he heard six people had died and that the situation in the area had returned to normal by Sunday.

Security measures

Officials said security measures had been stepped up in the aftermath of a violent incident in the bazaar.

Memetjan Rehim, deputy chief of the nearby police station in Yetimluqum police station said authorities had stepped up checks across Kargilik county immediately after the clashes.

“The incident occurred around 11:00 a.m. We were alerted and started conducting security checks from noon in the entire county,” he said.

A police officer from the Chasamichit police station said police officers there had not been informed “about the details of the incident” but had stepped up checks in the area.

“We have received orders for security checks and surveillance in the county bazaar,” said the police officer, who refused to give his name.

The deputy chief of Kargilik’s Wenhua Lu police station said authorities had not authorized police to talk about the incident.

“The higher authorities have did not yet decided whether to make information about this incident public, so I cannot answer your questions,” he said on Sunday.

House searches conducted

Community watch groups in the county were informed about a violent incident and ordered on Saturday to conduct house-to-house searches in their areas to look for “unknown persons,” Amine Ghopur, a community official in Kargilik township, told RFA.

She said that on Saturday afternoon she received a short report from the county government regarding a violent incident in Kargilik and ordering the searches.

“The report did not mention the details of what happened in the course of the incident. It simply said that some ‘bad elements’ with intentions to incite violence had caused an incident,” she said.

“The report ordered us to conduct house searches looking for ‘unknown persons.’”

“Last night [Saturday night] I conducted house searches until midnight along with eight of my assistants,” she said.

Xinjiang has long been gripped by ethnic tensions between the region’s mostly Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uyghur community and the rapidly growing Han Chinese population, with Uyghurs saying they are subjected to political control and persecution for opposing Chinese rule in the region.

Clashes between Han Chinese and Uyghurs in the Xinjiang capital Urumqi in July 5, 2009, which left officially nearly 200 dead and prompted a harsh crackdown, were the worst ethnic violence China had seen in decades.

Rights groups and experts say violence in the region is frequently blamed on separatists or extremists, with Beijing exaggerating the threat of terrorism in order to take the heat off domestic policies that cause unrest or to justify the authorities’ use of force against the Uyghur minority.

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Chinese Communists’ Kids Must Return to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2013

Here is a great rule from communist China and no I am not making this up. The chicoms just passed a rule whereby the kids of party leaders must return to China within one year of graduation. The rationale is to prevent chicom crooks from sending their filthy offspring overseas, a la Bo Xilai, Xi jinping, et al, and then running after them.

The good news is that this filth will have to return to their despotic homelands and stay away from real humans.

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Guy Dies in Ambulance in China When Filling Station Attendant Refuses Gas

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2013

These people are a step below humans

From The King



Chinese gas station owner didn’t open the door, to provide gas for an ambulance carrying critical patient. (Like fuck man use the CCTV and see oh wow there’s a paramedic jumping up and down in panic, a dying person) or look out the fucking window.

CHINA Petroleum & Chemical Co (Sinopec), China’s top oil refiner, is investigating a media report that one of its gas stations in Hubei Province refused to sell fuel after hours to an ambulance, resulting in the death of the patient being rushed to hospital.

The ambulance was en route to a hospital in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture on May 24, carrying Chen Qianjun, 57, who was unconscious after falling from the third story of a building in Badong County, China News Service reported.

When the ambulance needed more gas and stopped at a Sinopec station in Jin’guoping County about 10pm, the two attendants told the driver the station had closed two hours earlier. They refused to budge even after Chen’s daughter, who was accompanying her father to hospital, got down on her knees and begged for gasoline.

“It should have taken no more than 40 minutes to transport this patient to the hospital,” said the ambulance driver, surnamed Jiang. “The patient could have received emergency treatment if we hadn’t taken more than an hour to get there.”

The ambulance finally managed to buy some gasoline from a private vendor, but Chen died before the ambulance reached the hospital.

Zhou Jianhua, a manager with Sinopec, said the gas station manager was inside the station counting the day’s receipts and he didn’t open the door for safety reasons

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Chinese are Masochists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2013

Chinese are masochists, this is a fact. If this were that one math class where you had to prove right angles, a2 + b2 = c2 and such, I would go into a long, drawn out explanation as to why the Chinese hate themselves and relish in the company of those who do likewise. I would probably touch upon the cultural revolution and millenia of self abuse which has fostered this feeling, but I think its a waste of time. After all, anecdotal evidence is ample enough to prove my point.

1-The greatest murderer of all times adorns every Chinese bill => than 1 RMB. Mao killed from 60mm-100 million of these people and they revere the guy. They go to his tomb and weep, go to his hometown and pray and claim ‘no Mao, no China’. I guess they are right, had they chosen anyone who believed in freedom this place would not be the despotic nightmare that it is.

2-Chinese women love to be hated. The odd thing is that if you come from civilized countries you are accustomed to treating women with respect, especially if you love them. This definitely does not work in China were love and respect are feared or a thing of scorn. The better you treat them the faster they run. Indeed, in order to have success here, one must be near socio-pathic in order to score

3-Chinese hate Chinese. The Chinese will pay assloads of money to stay at five star hotels whose accommodations differ precious little from the fly by night common China variety. Their goal in spending all that cash is merely to avoid other Chinese- a thing I have come to understand. The truth is that if you say you like China, the locals will ask ‘why?”. The Chinese despise the land and its people. Digression alert

There is this insane nationalism which is really nothing more than the Stockholm syndrome in effect. What it means is that the Chinese are stuck here and thus identify with their captors/torturers.

4-Chinese like to kill each other. In the states we like to fight, we even kill. But those killings tend to be isolated instances of madmen with a corrupted strand of DNA. The Chinese, however, have turned murder into an art form. Be it suicide, prolicide, autocide, genocide, infanticide, maritocide or any other of the ‘cides’ the Chinese have done it.
Look at how they behaved during the cultural revolution and you will see how the typical person from China does not belong with the rest of us. Mao said ‘smash the old’ and ‘smash’ they did. They smashed temples, artwork, mom’s , dad’s , brothers, sisters, about anything they could get their garlic stained fingers on. As a matter of fact, they smashed any semblance of civility and honor from their land.
The fact is that the Chinese like to kill and they don’t like each other. The result is a matches to gasoline mix of volatility which plays out on a daily basis.

The pic shows how the Chinese truly feel about us, btw.

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Oldest Dinosaur Species Found in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2013

Here is a shot of what the old dino looked like. According to the Guardian it had triangular teeth and long wings. It was probably eaten by ‘ancient Chino man after being clubbed to death while alive, just so it tasted better.

The bird, called ‘commie crooner fuckupis’ supposedly had no morals nor talent, but lived by sucking the blood off real creatures and imitating their movements.

Btw , why are her jugs bouncing off her waistline? And wtf is up with her bad posture?

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Chinese School Bus

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2013

Tis is seriously how Chinese kids get to school.

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