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Ancient Chinese and Deceit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 3, 2013

More from George Macartney which was written hundreds of years ago, but still true today.

“As the nature of dependence is to grow false, it cannot be wondered at if these Chinese are not strict observers of truth. They have indeed so little idea of its moral obligation, that they promise you everything you desire, without the slightest intention of performance, and then violate their promises without scruple, having had no motive for making them that I could perceive, unless it were that they imagined what they said might be agreeable to you just at the moment ‘When detected or reproached they make light of the matter themselves, and appear neither surprised nor ashamed; but nevertheless it was evident that they particularly remarked our punctuality and our strict attention to truth in all our transactions with them, and respected us accordingly.

In their place gross familiarity, coarse pleasantry, and broad allusions are indulged in, but without that honesty and expansion of heart which we have sometimes observed to arise on such occasions among ourselves. Morality is a mere pretence in their practice, though a common topic of their discourse. Science is an intruder and gaming the resource..”

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China Upping its Abortion Targets

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 3, 2013

Wuhan China is creating a law to fine unwed mothers. They are doing this in response to the woman who flushed her kid down the toilet. The way they see it, if a fine had been in place then she would have killed/aborted it which helps official one party cadres numbers. As it is, the kid was born, which to the Chinese means one more mouth to feed.

Rather than teach people that lives are precious, China insists they are expendable or monetize’able….

Btw, the baby who was flushed down the drain was returned to its mom. Can you imagine how horrible its life will be?

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Observations on China from 240 Years Ago

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 3, 2013

Here are observations about China by George Macartney. He made these claims in 1792, but they are still true today.

“When Marco Polo, the Venetian, visited China in the thirteenth century, it was about the time of the conquest of China by the western or Mongol Tartan, with Kublai Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan, at their head. A little before that period the Chinese had reached their highest pitch of civilization, and no doubt they were then a very civilized people in comparison of their Tartar conquerors, and their European contemporaries, but not having improved and advanced forward, or having rather gone back, at least for these one hundred and fifty years past, since the last conquest by the northern or Manchu Tartars; whilst we have been every day rising in arts and sciences, they are actually become a semi-barbarous people in comparison with the present nations of Europe.

Hence it is that they retain the vanity, conceit, and pretensions that are usually the concomitants of half-knowledge, and that, though during their intercourse with the embassy they perceived many of the advantages we had over them, they seemed rather surprised than mortified, and sometimes affected not to see what they could not avoid feeling.

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