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Funny Chinese Sign-Chinglish Alert

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2013

This sign says ‘Civilized Chaoyang- Magnificent With Me’, where Chaoyang is an area of Beijing. From the sounds of it, the sign is saying that Chaoyang is different because it is civilized.

Interestingly enough, it would be different if it were civilized, but unfortunately it is not and is just the same as the rest of China-barbaric.

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Chinese Save Face By Humiliating Others

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2013

Great story about why we need another Mao to control the Chinese….



“I have one anecdote for ya. since i am tired i will just do it in brief outlines:

– a flight from madrid to berlin to peking
– a chinese sitting right next to me in the second row
– dinner is being served
– the chinese tries to open a packed piece of bread. there is a little air inside the package…
– he uses the plastic knife to open it…
– he fails and the little bread flies 5 meters through the air, right onto the lap of another passenger
– we laugh silently but do not pay attention to it because it can happen to anyone; it’s just an accident, even so a quite funny one 😀
– but the chinese is deadly ashamed of himself. you should have seen his face…
– he is ready to blame others for his failure…

– the chinese calls a flight attendant and inmediately starts to complain, to shout in chinglish and chinese
– he complains that the packages are bad, the knife not usable to open them and that he wants compensation and an apology
– a lot of shouting and protest and complains and blaming the airline. even blaming the passenger who “received” the bread on his lap for not giving him back his bread (the western guy didn’t know where it came from…)
– more shouting and protesting, a second flight attendant tries to calm the yellow emperor down…
– a few germans and spaniards stand up, ready to engage….he sees it…
– flight attendants offer him a new dinner and a beer. the emperor agrees.
– the chinese has “saved his face” and is satisfied. he sits down
– he STILL keeps quacking in chinese and complaining about laowai and their “bad service” while slurping his dinner…for about 10 minutes
– after that he sleeps. we hope that he will never wake up.

compensation? complaining? for/about WHAT? for his own stupidity?

they demand apologies from others for their OWN stupidity and errors? is 1+1=3 in china? what is wrong with them?

btw, those little packed breads served in some airlines can be open with just 2 fingers…i guess he just didn’t realize it. we all know that chinese are sick autists.”

Wo decided to let the Chinese out of their cages?

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Chinese Rent-a-Cop Stomps on a Guy’s Head- Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2013

Here is a video of China at its best. The guys in blue are something akin to rent a cop in China. Their role is to steal money from street merchants and physically abuse them.

This video proves my claim. More importantly, the video proves why China needs Mao and could never be democratic. The people who live here are beyond savage in their treatment of others. Sure they put their best foot forward when dealing with real humans to they are monstrous to one another.

‘Life lessons’ in Chinese means deceit and obfuscation. The kids are taught to lie by their parents and the brutal dictators running this dung heap. As a consequence any semblance of humanity has leeched into the cadmium laced soil and exited their collective soul.

This place will implode and they deserve what they get. Before living here I never could have imagined a country capable of such inhumanity, but now I understand. The constant treachery has caused a brutal stand off pitting each clan versus the next.

In no time the anger will erupt and then brutality will follow and then anger germinate, seeds of dissent sewn and it will happen all over again.

video of rent-a-cops stomping on a guy’s head. Oh yeah, the guy who is being stomped on is just a street vendor, he had done nothing wrong.


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