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Radioactive Rice and Loser Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 7, 2013

Caixin is a good mag which talks about the big stinky-China. The just did an article which says that the chicoms knew about radioactive rice in Hunan has been around for almost a decade but they told no one.( See excerpt below. )

This should come as no surprise for 60 percent of Chinese land is crazy polluted, and getting worse. This means that their produce is polluted too.

Another article said that China has no athletes in the top 100 most marketable list, again is this a surprise? The women have teeth like granite and chests like thimbles and the guys actually are more feminine than that. Who wants to buy a product associated with people like that?

In some parts of the country, notably Guangdong Province, Hunan-grown rice has now been banned.
Hunan government officials and some state-run grain traders have tried to keep a lid on the bad news for years. Some officials in recent weeks acknowledged the problem, yet insisted there’s no need for alarm. The province’s state-run media has downplayed the health and environment dangers as well.
Meanwhile, government officials and the media in Guangdong, Hunan’s larger neighbor to the south, have pushed ahead with publicity about cadmium-tainted rice grown in Hunan’s vast paddies. They’re also working to protect public health in step with a State Council directive issued in January, which called for resolving cadmium pollution problems and banning crop production on land with high levels of the toxic metal.

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