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Big Business Growing Wary Of China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 9, 2013

Here is a good infographic which shows that big business is growing wary of China. The same findings were true in the US where companies believe that IP theft and governmental policies are making it more difficult to stay here.

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Historical Proof Chinese Drivers Suck

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 9, 2013

People from China are reputed to be horrible drivers, as a matter of fact, statistically speaking they are the most deadly in the world.

Anecdotal evidence would show that if the Chinese cannot manage to perambulate without banging into each other then they surely should be entrusted to moving themselves via anything larger than slippers or perhaps roller blades. Unfortunately Mao died and the Chinese have taken to the open road.

In Mao’s time, he severely restricted their movement for he knew all too well how people living in China act when left to their own devices. They are sullen, pugnacious and usually quite dishonest.

In the days of the good Chairman there were only 25,000 cars which meant that Chinese roads were only moderately ‘homicidal..

The reason that I say ‘moderately homicidal’ is the fact that Chinese can exterminate one another in the most creative manners. This pic speaks to that fact. We can see that even in the days of the horse draw carriage, the Chinese still could not figure out how to avoid bodily collisions. The photo shows that even back then two Chinese on one road can be calamitous.

I guess this should come as no surprise to any humans who have lived here. Where else in the world have you seen two cyclists running into each other on the open road? No kidding, Chinese are masters of bodily harm.

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