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Who is the Fatass With Obama?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 10, 2013

Why do comrade chicoms always have that doe in headlights look when they are around real humans? Not that Obama is human, but his staff may he.

In any event, comrade Xi looks like a dumpy bag man who sucked his way up from low end porn flicks to being a puffer gal for white house aids….

Oh yeah, why do all dumbass ass Guys from China pull their belts up to their nipples?

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Each Year Over 200,000 Kids Re kidnapped in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 10, 2013

According to various different statistics, in China the incomplete statistical figure of disappeared children every year is about 200,000. “Those found and returned roughly account for only 0.1% of the figure. “Behind the figure of disappeared

From chinadailymail.com

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Why We Have Nothing to Fear About the Red Chinese Army

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 10, 2013

These pics show Chinese training, intelligence and fighting forces at their best. What morons, doesn’t the chicom know what a scope is for?

In addition, wtf is that costume supposed to be, a dead bear? The head is upside down, i bet that will fool a lot of natural predators. And who taught him how to hold a weapon like that? I bet he can control the recoil with his hands so close together-sarcasm.

And here is part of the problem, high quality Chinese education at its best

The guy on the right apparently does not know how to shoot either. Doesn’t one look down the sites at a target rather than staring directly at the target?

Also, does it make sense to leave one’s ammunition in front like that? If an enemy were firing at them all he would need to do is to hit the box and the two chicoms would be joining Mao, Deng and Zhou Enlai in hell.

China is a joke, through and through.

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