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Murder of Ming? China Cleaning up Bo Xilai’s Mess

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 11, 2013

China is a fascist state, period. Bo Xilai sprung to the top on the corpses of cadres who crossed him. This story is eerily similar to all Chinese leaders from time immemorial. Now, however, the communists are nervous because there is a reasonable chance that if the communists kill Bo, there will be a little trouble, which in China means filled body bags. So the Communists are killing off th Bo contingent, literally, or so they say.

This stiff is comrade Xu Ming, the guy behind wanda construction, a mafia like firm who just won business in the USA. The commies did not like the fact that Xu had cash and backed Bo, so the word is that Xu got deep sixed or exterminated….

But don’t tell anyone, its a secret…

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