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Obama, Xi, and Fun on a Mountain Top-Pic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

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This Pic is Banned in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

How funny is it that the communists do not like a little jocularity. This pic of Barry O and Xi Jinping is blocked in China….

I do not know why, pooh is dressed in communist red, right?

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Angry Chinese Hijack Turkish Airplane

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

People from China should be confined to certain tasks, such as publicly ridiculing one another and singing the praises of Mao. They should not, however, be allowed to interact with real humans. The following story explains why….

On June 9th flight TK020 was late in taking off from Turkey. The plane lay inactive for nearly five hours. Of course normal people know this thing can happen and may get upset, but then again, they are not from China. What the Chinese did in this instance, was to ‘high-jack ‘ the airplane.

According to the news, the Chinese were upset that no one cleared it with them and explained what was happening, so taking a page from their Mao playbook, ie public lunacy, they plotted their revenge. When the plane finally took off and landed, in China, the Chinese then mobbed the airline staff and would not deplane. They demanded compensation and an apology. How ironic is it that the Chines have enough balls to mob airline staff- as I have witnessed myself, but not enough balls to confront someone, oh say, like Japan. And if this is too much of a stretch, then how about the Chinese man up to the communists who have killed 300 million of their children and sterilized another 200 million more?

Of course the people from China just like to bitch, it is as simple as that. What they lack in the innovation and courage genes, they make up for in the whiner strand. I wish the gutless Chinese would try this on a flight to the States, they’d be picking their rotund butts off the tarmac.

Google the info, flight TK020 from Turkey to hell, aka China on June 9….now I understand why Chinese cannot stand each other.

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Luxury Chinese Housing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

Chinese pay up to eight to ten thousand civilized dollars for houses like this.

Yeah, this is China.

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China’s War on the Environment and Coming Ecological Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

The following is a litany of disasters China has caused in their environment and its impact so fa. (Many links come from sinocism.com which is a great news source.)

The problem with China, aside from low emotional intelligence, lack of communication skills and human rights, is that they are mutilating their environment. Their attitude seems to be ‘hey you guys did this one hundred years ago, so we can do it too!’-which seems to be all the logic your typical person from China needs in order to justify their untoward behavior.

The real problem is that someone from China dies every six minutes due to cancer induced by faulty business practices which have been condoned by the chicoms. This would not be such a problem if it were only a local issue. After all, a majority of Chinese approve of the communist party so screw them, they get what they deserve.

The problem, however, is that they are contaminating their ground water which pollutes fish and plants which they sell to real humans. Consequently, we are forced to pay for their ignorance and abuse. While the Chinese may support the barbarians governing them, most of us do not.

Another issue to consider is what the world will do when faced with Chinese eco refugees. After all, 65-80% of Chinese rivers and land are polluted. This means that in the near term relatively little can be done. This being the case, one can only assume that Chinese will no longer be able to till this land and thus will be forced to emigrate or live with toxic food. This would mean the Chinese outsourcing their problem ie eco-refugees to us. If the Chinese so overwhelmingly support their mafia don leaders, then let them suffer the consequences.

Even if they do not ship off a few hundred million extras to civilized countries, the Chinese will have to buy our food, after all , the stuff they have glows in the dark and is not fit for human consumption. A massive Chinese attack on foodstuffs has already begun in the milk powder market as Chinese have ‘locusted’ the shelves of countries in northern Europe and New Zealand. These locusts, in search of food which is not toxic, have taken from those people who have a right to enjoy safe food. Consequently, some babies have been forced to go without.

The problem is that the Chinese want the best of both worlds. They support a fascist dictatorship which is allowing the rape and pillage of the land, but they do not want to pay for it. The bottom line is that the trogs running this place will continue to fabricate death and absent a change in that group, this is their future. So if the Chinese do nothing to effect that change, then screw them, bring back Mao, restrict their movement and let them pay the bill for their desire to support those who govern them.

Excerpts from various sources on how badly the Chines are ruining their land:
An environmental official said in April that as much as 65% of fertilizer was used improperly, polluting fields and rivers. Some researchers say that up to 70% of China’s soil is polluted.
The human cost of such pollution is only beginning to be measured. A joint paper by a Chinese research body and the World Health Organization reported on Thursday that over 3 million new cancer diagnoses are reported each year—one every six minutes—and 60% of those are avoidable.

Reporters learned that these are called “juehu network” nets, that is the place in the sea at low tide, under a fixed minimum mesh nets, through the back of the high tide low tide, almost all fish regardless of size, will be a variety of sort of “juehu network” caught in nets under the layers of interception, basically no possibility of escape, all were caught, they capture what are some of the fish it?
  The reporter then went along the coastline of Liaoning, Dandong area, found here juehu network regardless of size, destructive, or fishing patterns, more than the previous see.
  Here’s network has three meters tall, forming a big V-shaped, V low-end with the word network ports, all the fish will be forced to focus with the tide into the net bag.

A few days ago, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection released their annual State of the Environment report. I was struck in particular by the following statistic: the air quality in 88.5% of China’s 113 “key environmental protection cities” meets China’s air quality standard. Sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this number.
1) The first problem is that China’s current air quality standard, GB 3095-1996 (withrevisions in 2000), is quite weak. Under this outdated standard, a city “in compliance” could still have an annual PM10 concentration as high as 100 ug/m^3 – a level 5 times higher than what’s recommended by the WHO. More importantly, the current standard doesn’t even include PM2.5 or ozone, the two ambient air pollutants of greatest long-term human health concern in urban megacities.


This plot of land was previously the site of a factory owned by the Ministry of Railways that made anti-corrosive railway sleepers. The plant was in operation for more than 30 years; many kinds of organic pollutants continuously seeped into the topsoil, deeper soil layers, and into the groundwater. Some seven or eight years ago, the factory was relocated and this plot of ground was left unused. In January 2011, the city administration decided to convert the land into a development for affordable housing and it was taken over by the Residential Construction Service Centre for Civil Servants to build low-cost housing for civil servants from all ministries.

After the Civil Servants Residential Centre took over the plot, a number of specialists carried out an initial land survey. In May 2011, the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences released a public environmental impact assessment report which made no mention of any soil pollution problem. There was also no mention of the historical use of the site or the original environment.


Danger Maps, a website Liu started last year, allows people to look up sites such as toxic-waste treatment facilities, oil refineries and power plants. Liu has plotted about 6,000 pollution sources based on government data and user input on Baidu Map, China’s equivalent of Google Maps

Real-estate agents and websites who want to boost transactions won’t tell you this kind of information,” said Liu, 35, who created Danger Maps after learning that the Shanghai apartment he bought in 2007 was near a landfill — something he wasn’t informed of when negotiating the purchase.


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Chinese Military Modernizes- Exclusive Pics

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 13, 2013

The Chinese are good at killing, each other that is. As for being a military strength they are questionable at best. The problem is that their selfish gene glommed onto the puss gene which leaves them incapable of fighting protracted battles against anyone capable of fighting back. This of course, is the reason they wage war on the unborn, infants, religious practitioners and pregnant women. They lack the fundamental decency and capacity to do battle with those who are their equals.

Historically this has meant that ant-like, they attack in mobs and go after a select few as they could not risk confrontation of equals. The impact of this is that they are less than valiant and flee during battle. As a matter of fact, this has historically been the case. The communists, since their inception have been filled with acts of cowardice.

The ‘long march’ which the communists hail as a masterpiece of strategy are as much so as the salvation of so many rats disembarking from the Titanic, sure they saved themselves but what valor did they show?

The reality is that the long march was more like a protracted act of cowardice which forced the KMT to fend off the Japanese all by themselves. Aside from selling opium- which both the KMT and communists did in order to survive, the communists did little but listen to Mao and recite his poems.

The impact of this is that the ‘fortitude’ of those running China today is as strong as those weaklings who ran from battle 70 years ago. The offspring of these poof boys is as weak their kinfolk.

The reality is that China never has and never will be a military power because their conservative nature and need for self preservation do not lend them to acts of valor. This can be seen in how infrequently they actually try to assist others and rarely if ever do so it if means putting themselves in harms way.

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