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Video of Chinese Quality and Postal Workers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2013

Here is a vid of Chinese quality at its best. This guy is tossing packages as if they were a load of bricks, which is what they will be worth when the guy is through with them.


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Horrible Chinese English or Cannibalism?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2013

Uhhh great job with the translation China or is this really ears? Knowing China’s history it is probably the latter.

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Chinese Universities Suck and Grads Do Too

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2013

Chinese grads are upset that they cannot get jobs. Chinese companies are upset that Chinese grads suck. The world is upset that Chinese spit on the streets and act like cave people, but I digress.

It has been shown that when and if Chinese grads get jobs, they work in positions which they believe are beneath them, but based on their skill sets , are much too good. Another interesting factoid is that Chinese university grads are four times more likely to be unemployed than blue collar workers. I guess this means we need more people to make shitty toys then we need people to make shitty powerpoint presentations.


Nicole Li is looking to hire college graduates for her property management company. “We need technicians to fix software problems, but college grads don’t have these skills,” says Li, frowning. “We need people for exhibitions who can do presentations in English, but they can’t do that, either.”

Li needs to hire people for 60 high-skilled jobs. She says among the thousands of candidates here today, she’ll be lucky if she finds one.

For those with means, that’s meant sending your college-age children instead to universities in the U.S., Australia, or Europe. But most young Chinese can’t afford that, so they’re stuck in a Chinese university. And after they graduate — according to a recent state survey — their unemployment rate is four times higher than for those who didn’t get past elementary school.

Inside the job fair, young graduates linger in front of a booth for Bao Steel, China’s largest steel manufacturer. A big sign says that people from parts of Sichuan, Henan, Anhui, and Hunan are not allowed to apply. A guy applying for a job says people from those provinces can’t be trusted. It’s sort of like a booth at a New York job fair banning applicants from, say, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. But this is typical in China, where even state-owned enterprises don’t bother to hide their discrimination.”


China creating dumb military, hiring Chinese college grads. The good news is that as useless as these people are, the world will be safe should they ever fight China.

BEIJING, June 17 (Xinhua) — More than 1,000 representatives from over 30 universities in Beijing on Monday joined in a ceremony held to mark the start of the military recruitment of college students.
Brochures introducing recruitment polices were distributed and students’ questions about the policy were answered in the event, which was jointly organized by the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Ministry of Education.
Students also had a chance to talk with Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut, who took part in the Shenzhou-9 space mission in June last year.

Chinese firms lie about sales, but then again, people from China lie about most things so is anyone really surprised?
‘A check of industrial profits from 71 firms in Henglan, Guangzhou city, found the data was falsely inflated by 6.29 billion yuan ($1.02 billion) in 2012, almost three times of the real figure of 2.22 billion’

link http://english.caijing.com.cn/2013-06-17/112914980.html?

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Forced Abortions and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2013

China is a one party dictatorship or fascist state. It is run by the communist party which has created a veritable kleptocracy which has enabled theft at an unbelievable scale. In order to accommodate political correctness, however, we call them anything but what they truly are. e.

The truth, however, is that they have built up one of the most misunderstood dictatorships in the world. Hiding behind a wall of panda huggers and outright equivocators, China presents itself as just another country. Sure China is not run as a democracy, they claim, but then again who really is?

It is in this verbal parrying and manipulation that the Chinese confuse those of you who have never made it here. But as they say about the devil or evil is that its greatest strength lies in its convincing you that it does not exist. And so it is with China.

The Chinese convince us that their country is not that bad and actually more capitalist then we are. Of course this may be true, if you consider capitalism to be selling anything, even one’s soul for a buck. And of course they are capitalistic in many respects, but the form of governance remains communist/fascist at its heart.

People come here and see McDonalds and people wearing Nike and assume China is misrepresented in the press. This is China’s goal of course. The Chinese people are ashamed that they are one of the few countries which has eschewed democracy and in order to not look like the village idiot, they tell us what we want to hear.

This deceit takes the form of lying about the one-child policy, freedom of religion, speech and myriad other things. They will tell you that having two children is permissible, but they do not give all the facts-which will be explored below. To be sure, in China you can have more than one child, can say what you want to say and can practice religion as you see fit. But the communist party reserves the right to steal any kids you have above and beyond the limit, to forcibly abort your kids and sterilize you without your consent. Regarding freedom of speech, they can and do jail you for speaking your mind. Take Liu Xiaobo, for instance. He won a Nobel prize but is in jail just because he wrote about democracy. If your Chinese friends contend that they have freedom of speech then tell them to go to Tianenman and video themselves talking about the wonders of free speech, democracy and religion. Ask them to video themselves under the portrait of Mao, while explaining how falungong is just another religion and should be treated as such. Or ask them to video themselves while talking about how the free Tibet or Taiwan situation should be analyzed.

Of course they can do so, but within seconds the video will show them being truncheoned and subsequently stuffed into a police van. The tape will then show some puffy faced thug struggling with the power button and then go blank. Your friend will then experience a few years of ‘solitude’ in a cell of his peers. He will not be allowed to communicate with the outside world and his body will be invaded by foreign objects all at the hands of his Chinese captors.

This is all true, and has been reported at length, but of course it is too inconvenient for most of us to come to grips with. As a result, we explain away Chinese behaviours as cultural artifacts and then say that they are improving.

By refusing to call China on their numerous abuses we merely allow them to remain stuck in a state of perpetual abuse and fascism.

Here is an excerpt from an excerpt on the book

My First Trip to China: Scholars, Diplomats and Journalists Reflect on their First Encounters with China

“Forced Abortions
Some visitors managed to pierce the veil, at times revealing harrowing discoveries.
Steven Mosher, the first American social scientist to conduct research in China, recounts an Orwellian nightmare. In 1980, local officials imposed forced abortions on women, some in their eighth month of pregnancy.
His gruesome description of a hospital Cesarean-section abortion where a baby in the uterus was first killed by lethal injection and then “a doctor soon pulled a tiny, limp body from her torn womb,” is unforgettable.
In a postscript, Mosher says Stanford University fired him after a five-year investigation into his China research.”

Link here http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-17/china-forces-abortion-twists-truth-book-says-review.html

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