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Chinese Thief Sneaks To USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 20, 2013

Here is the story of a Chinese businessman, aka thief, who snuck off to the land of milk and honey after stealing loads of cash in China. This is representative of the type of Chinese we get in the states. No longer do we get the good, but we are bombarded with the scourge of the earth, those whose commie connections made them rich. They are people like this guy who kill farmers for their land , pollute China and then leave. They go to our country and bring with them those same horrible morals.

Xu Cailiang (许才良), owner of Rong Tai Oil Technology Ltd. (融泰石油科技股份有限公司), fled to the U.S. last month leaving behind 800 million yuan in debt.

A source at the local financing office said that the company was founded in 2007 in Jiangyin (江阴), Jiangsu and has been losing money ever since. It’s been able to receive loans from banks because of its close relationship with Jiangyin City Construction and Comprehensive Development Ltd. (江阴市城镇建设综合开发有限公司), also known as City Constriction.


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