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Use China’s Wechat, Let Beijing Spy on You

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 20, 2013

China has a knockoff company, as miraculous as that may seem. The company knocked of twiitter and now made wechat which is a whatsapp clone. The app lets you send short voice messages and or pics to anyone for free. Some are saying this ‘invention’ proves that China is innovative and I shake my head in wonder. Firstly, they have four times as many people as we do and ‘wechat’ is all they can come up with? If that is innovation, then what do you call the US?

Secondly, wechat is a knockoff plain and simple. Sure it added functionality but that is like painting a Mona LIsa with a cap, Mona is the centerpiece around which you have added some bling. This ‘invention’ if nothing else proves that Chinese cannot invent.

Thirdly, wechat sensors words that uncle chicom does not like. Type in something like, ‘democracy is great and needs to be embraced’ or ‘tianenman july 1989’ and your message will not go through. So wechat has that going for them.

The bottom line is that in the US phone bandwidth is so cheap, what is the benefit of using this clone? Allowing your messages to be monitored and deleted? If you think the NSA is messing with your mails, imagine what the chicoms are doing. So, do you really want to entrust any data to any company from China?

If so then do me a favor and run up to the highest floor on your building and then backpedal as fast as you can and keep going. The thud that I hear will be one of the most satisfying sounds I know.

Here is a pic of Chinese hard at work….

2 Responses to “Use China’s Wechat, Let Beijing Spy on You”

  1. Living here in China said

    Chinese firms all operate in collusion with the communists, if people do not know this then they are daft.

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