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How Many Foreigners Work in China? Not Very Many

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2013

Chinese are complaining that there are just too many foreigners here. ‘Too many’ is relative, of course, as when taking in perspective there are tons of foreigners here, if you compare that number to 1613, for example. But if you consider the number of foreigners that live in China to any other country you would find that with the exception of countries like North Korea and Cuba, there are relatively few foreigners here.

As a matter of fact, the communist party has admitted that only 600,000 non-Chinese reside in this land of 1.340.000.000 people. This number is about one-third of the amount living in New York City alone and maybe one-fifth or one-sixth the number of foreigners living in London. But of course this is China, land which had nothing but Chinese for so many years.

It is this time warp which still typifies China, a look at the past. They still believe that what is foreign is bad and does not work for China and its society. What this means is that a measure of scorn is still meted out to those barbarians who are not Han Chinese. What they fail to realize is that the year is 2013 and this whole globalization thing is not just a fad. Of course the Chinese like globalization when it exposes them to Apple products and allows them to steal our tech, but when it comes to giving something back, they falter.

The free riding Chinese do not like to give, but prefer taking. They believe it is their birth right for they descended from panygu who is some mythical spitting, stumbling Han god who made them what they are today. Blinded by the ignorance begotten by millennia of secrecy and seclusion, they have progressed precious little. The China of today is eerily similar to the China of 300 AD, and would be more so had it not been for the influence of the west.

Of course the Chinese fail to accept this fact and would like us all to be gone. They believe our use is merely that of language and we offer nothing else. The proof, however is in the pudding as were it not for knockoffs of western products, this place would still be selling corn leaves for toilet paper.

Oh but I have digressed, and should point my way back to the topic at hand. According to uncle chicom there were only 220,000 foreigners working in China as of 2011. Yeah, in a country of 1,340,000,000 there are only 220,000 foreigners working here and that is an unacceptably high level.

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