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Opium Wars-Communist China as Drug Dealers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2013

In China they like to play the pity card and talk about the opium wars. Sure the Chinese got their butts handed to them and lost, but they should have manned up and won. Each Chinese you see will be able to pity card it and tell you about how they were forced to become addicts but fail to realize how the communists in China sold opium just as the English did. As a matter of fact, when the KMT was fighting off the Japanese, the communists were hiding in the hills and selling dope.

This ‘skill’ soon became their bread and butter and leading source of income. In 1950, communist China exported 3500 tons of opium, which pales in comparison to the 7000 tons they exported in 1960. This 1960 figure was ten times more than the world-wide need for opium and double the amount Great Britain ever shipped to China. At that time 65% of all the world’s illicit drugs came from communist China and the trend continues today.

Now instead of just selling the world opium, they sell precursors for everything from X to meth. S the next time some Chinese dud starts complaining about the opium wars, tell them to suck a nut.

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