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Protesting the Chinese in Canada

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2013

The King is doing his part….

From The King

China and Canada signed the FIPA, granting the big stinky to stink up Canada for 31 years. However, Native reserves (remenants of their old home world (which I as a concerned citizen am trying to preserve, volunteering and doing good deeds. to get Canada back on track with human development), these natives weren’t consulted, as most of the resources still lay in what’s left of their homeworld. There’s nothing wrong with resource gathering, but at least we try to minimize damage, and donate to eco volunteers who slowly regrow the country back, (just like in Ancient Japan, when they grew back ancient forests, and only take what is necessary) which is why google maps indicate that Japan is like a huge sea of dark green (the darker it is on the map (like TAR BLACK), is actually a really thick forest.

Where as China is dried up meno pause tits pale.. Everywhere is a desert, brown poop grey-beige (deserfication), (Even some parts of Canada is losing it’s green (not a good sign). Like we need resources because God put on this planet to really suffer and feel the pain. (the whole eden thing), So aborginals lived nomatically, and or if they settled down, then they tried to live in harmory with the eco system.

The problem with FIPA besides being in league with parasitical Chinese businesses( poisonous stocks, poisonous everything), is that the Chinese have no regard for nature, human rights, and even worker safety. Like how many Canadian workers are going to be seriously maimed or shafted when some business takes the money, and changes their name as they move to Geneva or other places of beauty? Taiwan, still greedy Chinese, but not as bad, there are laws (although very very corrupt laws) relatively improvement, as is with Hong Kong…… corrupt and rotten, BUT more humane and civilized… nature compartively flourishes here. (It’s against the law to litter, and well shit in the streets).

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