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Horror Herbs, Traditional Chinese Meds Loaded with Poison

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 26, 2013

When they are not waging war on themselves, the Tibetans and or the people in Xinjiang, the Chinese ruminate over how to get rid of one another. One of their biggest creations was murder milk which was America’s favorite drink laced with poison. This weapon was only moderately successful and killed a few dozen.

Since then they have upped their game and have been poisoning alcohol and selling cadmium laced rice. Their race to kill themselves is remarkable in its consistency, depth and scope.

Perhaps one of their most clever ideas, however, is to poising traditional Chinese medicine or TMC. This is nothing more than roots, dead bugs and lint picked from the navel of street urchins which is supposed to be good for one’s health, but of course this is China.

Greenpeace is dedicated to helping people so it is obviously at odds with China. Their goals are mutually exclusive and contradictory. Greenpeace studied Chinese herbs used as medicine and not surpringly discovered that up to 70% of all such ‘medicine’ was laden with cancerous pesticides.

What this means is that your daily dose is bound to have DDT or some other deathly substance banned in all civilized countries.

Now before you go flushing your TMC meds down the toilet why not give back to China? What I suggest is discretely returning those meds to the store where you bought them and allow someone from China to share in your misery. After all, the Chinese inaction on such fronts enables this behavior to proliferate in the first place.

Changing topics…
Oh yeah, did you hear that four Chinese were attacked in Papua New Guinea? They were some bandy legged shop keepers that the locals grew tired of. The natives decided that they had had too much of the Chinese spitting in the streets and screeching into their phones and decided to get a little revenge. What a horrible thing to do….

3 Responses to “Horror Herbs, Traditional Chinese Meds Loaded with Poison”

  1. pallmall said

    “The victims are believed to be members of the same family, but police don’t know where in China they are from or how long they had been living in Papua New Guinea, Kakas said.

    Police have questioned several people, including workers at the shop, but have not made any arrests.

    “They’re not ruling out the possibility of the suspects being family or very close to those that were murdered,” Kakas said.

    In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China’s ambassador to Papua New Guinea called senior officials in the country demanding swift justice, “and that Papua New Guinea take robust measures to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals and property.” She said Chinese officials will provide all necessary support to the victims’ families.”

    funny how china was not so quick to condemn attacks on japanese nationals in their own nation.

  2. Taters said

    Thirty five percent of all Traditional Chinese meds sold in the US and UK contain real, or western medicine. Chinese even fake their own medicine.

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