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Big Brother China Shuts Down News Sites

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2013

Some people thought China’s newest dictator, Comrade Xi Jinping would be more liberal than the walking tumor Hu Jintao. Such people, aka idiots, do not know China well. Comrade Xi has been anything but open in his first months as leader of China’s communist party.

He is continuing Bo Xilai’s war on corruption which is nothing more than a metaphor for cleaning house of those who oppose him. He is also calling for tight control of all news as seen from the excerpt below. Comrade Xi is using this as a pretext to staunch the flow of free reporting in China.


Thirty-one websites have been shut down for not obtaining licenses for news coverage since a campaign in an effort to purify the online environ- ment was initiated in May, the State Internet Information Office under the State Council said on Thursday.

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