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Myth of China’s Peaceful Rise-China’s Military Incursions

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2013

The Chinese like to say that their rise is peaceful and they never invaded anyone, which is untrue. The truth is that there are three reasons why China has been so ineffective militarily 1-they suck
2- they are too worried about killing each other so they have little energy to focus on killing others 3- they usually lose in battle

Now, I will share with you what battles they have waged since the communists took over China in 1949

-invaded Tibet
-took over Xinjiang
-fought the US in Korea
-fought the US in Vietnam
-attacked India
-attacked Taiwanese islands
-fought Russia
-invaded Vietnam
Helped insurgencies in Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia
-backed Saddam Hussein,
-sold military gear to the Taliban
-supported Sudan’s reign of terror
-supported Ghaddifi and almost every other world despot

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