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Whores on Cars, China’s Newest Marketing Strategy?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 29, 2013

Ok, perhaps the word ‘whore’ is a little too strong for the Chinese women who shamelessly drape themselves on cars during China’s auto shows, or maybe not.

Ok here is the scoop. Chinese consider women to be as bothersome as cockroaches and of little use once the man has orgasmed. This has been true throughput China’s multi thousand years of misogynistic history. Killing baby girls is as old as China itself and it still happens today.

Confucius laid the groundwork for China’s abuse of women which has left them as objects of sex and not much else, even today. This can be seen in how Chinese women are treated by most everyone, including foreigners here.

In terms of advertising, China pays women to show off their junk and semi nude models are a common occurrence. The reason is that China has 30 million too many men whose only nut is copped in a bathroom at lunchtime. This being the case, the chicoms offer up nubile flesh in order to supplement the men’s manual stimulation.. The women parade around in degrading form, thus lowering their stature across the world.

In contrast to most Chinese models, these women are almost like cloistered women….

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