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Chinese Kicks Out Bloomberg And the New York Times

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2013

China has increases pressure on the media since Comrade Xi Jinping’s reign of terror began. The problems actually started when Grandtheft Wen Jiabao was reported to have a family worth almost 3 billion civilized dollars.

Then news then showed that Comrade Xi Jinping the head of the communist party, also has a rich family worth over 400 million dollars. Both news sources are still blocked in China.

Here is an excerpt from the China correspondents club.

Victims of government retaliation include The New York Times and Bloomberg. The New York Times English and Chinese language websites are blocked in China and the newspaper has been unable to secure journalist visas for either Bureau Chief Philip Pan or correspondent Chris Buckley. Bloomberg has also been unable to secure journalist visas in order to replace its correspondents and the company has reportedly suffered significant commercial harm from a drop in sales of its data terminals.

Three other media companies, France 24, ARD TV (Germany) and the Financial Times have also come under unusual Chinese government pressure after publishing news reports that angered the Chinese authorities. Chinese embassy officials in Paris, Berlin and London lodged direct complaints with senior editors, in an apparent effort to pressure them into restraining their reporters in Beijing.

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